Hi 6W!

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to send you a message to say hello and ask what you’ve all been up to without me this week!

I can’t wait to see your engineering work when I’m back, but for now please give me a preview by commenting below. Please tell me: what you’ve been doing, what you have learned, and what you have enjoyed the most so far!

I hope you’re having fun and fitting in some revision too

See you soon, Miss S




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  1. Hello Miss Sahin,
    I have learnt lots. My favourite activity was when we tested our paper airplanes. I found out the fastest type of paper plane was the basic dart. The worst type of paper plane was the basic dart with hoop gliders on the top. I also found out that a paper helicopter (made of card ) was the best we made. It is better to throw a plane at a 75′ angle.

  2. HiiiiiiiiπŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„,
    This week we have been reasearching,investigating,making and testing paper airplanes. We are making these for the big sir show on Friday. We have to make three planes : fastest, longest in the air and furthest. A engineer we decide on the winner and will give prizes (yay). My team is team 5 and I am working on the plane to stay in the air the longest.

    I really miss you

  3. This week have have been experimenting with different types of paper aeroplanes,which angle to throw them at and different materials.We are now planning our designs for the Big Air Show on Friday.I enjoyed making the Hoop Gliders.

  4. We was in breakfast club and Mrs Frankish explained that she got someone to dismantle a dyson Hoover and a couple of people per class would put it back

  5. Hi Miss Sahin! This week we have been focusing on airplanes and how to make a
    plane that will fly the furthest, stay in the air the longest and will fly the fastest. On Monday and Tuesday we experimented by doing different activities to see which airplane will help us in the airshow on Friday. Yesterday we planned our airplane and made them. We had to make different airplanes to see which one flys the furthest, stays in the air the longest and which one is the fastest.

  6. We have been making airplane and we have been testing which angle is the best to throw it at and what airplane is the best to throw and which would be the fastest ,which would go the furthest and which would stay in the air the longest.I have enjoyed testing which airplane is the best.

  7. We have been learning about how to design,build our own paper aeroplanes and I enjoyed learning about the different paper : basic dart,condor,stable and piranha.

  8. Miss S,
    We experimented and tested airplanes my favourite part was making the hoop gliders. I have learnt that an airplane has four forces which are thrust , drag , Gravity and uplift .


  9. This week we have answered questions about a text called ‘EUREKA’.At the end of the week we are planning to create an air show in the hall.We made hoop gliders with:one straw,celatape and strips of 1-5 inch paper.We made a hypothesis about which type of airplane design would go the furthest.And we tested it.The basic dart and the stable landed the furthest.

  10. Hi miss Sahin i hope you are having fun!
    Tomorrow we are going to have an air show! I am in group 5!
    I can’t wait to see you on Monday. :-)

  11. Hello Miss Sahin and Everyone,
    We are having such a great week! I have learnt that there are thrust,lift,drag and gravity are all in a plane.I enjoyed when we created our own planes in groups then we done a air show. We were focusing on the fastest plane, the plane which was in the air the longest and the plane that flew the futherst.

  12. Hi Miss Sahin,
    We have been doing a carousel with different activities. This will help us on our big air show on Friday. We will be making three airplanes. One airplane will be for the fastest, another for the furthest and the last one for longest in the air. We have been experimenting different airplanes to see which materials we will need. For example: To make the longest in the air, the wing span will need to be wide. I have enjoyed designing and testing different airplanes for our achievement.
    We will next do our final decision for our competition. I am really enjoying this so far.

    Hope you are having fun at Dol Y Moch! 😎

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