Historical Settings

Use your vocabulary tree to write a setting description of a historical setting.

Your tree includes all the words you have collected during this topic.

Don’t  forget to use your writer’s tricks to create a creative setting description.


18 thoughts on “Historical Settings

  1. My favorite time period was the Stuarts.
    setting description:When Edward and Jane finished baking Edward asked his younger sister”What if we play drafts to pass time?”so whilst his sister played drafts with him;the attractive aroma of the cakes filled the entire room.The only sound that could be heard was the crackling of the firewood,the fireplace filled the room with warmth.The surface of the drafts board was as smooth as a marble,the sound from the sterio always put Edward in a great mood.A beautiful tune was played calmly by Jane”The cake must be ready by now”moaned Jane.

    All of a sudden,the floor beneath Edward and Jane began to tremble suddenly loud screams filled the street with fear as Jane leapt to the window she found nothing but a chaosic countryside.Suddenly,a passing target was caught out by an eagle eyed pilot then BOOM…BOOM…BOOOM!!!!!

  2. As Anna and Paul were sleeping, they could hear the birds sang Beautifully. This made them wake up. Anna and Paul raced down the stairs rapidly trying not to fall.They went into the kitchen and baked them self some cakes.
    “They look delicious”commented Paul.
    After putting the cakes in the oven Anna and Paul went to living room towards the piano. Anne had the first try. While Anne was play the piano Paul was sitting near the vibrant fire to warm his hands. The DELICOUS aroma drifted through Anne’s nose .Anne quickly went to the kitchen and opened the oven.
    All of a sudden the floor started to shake and thick black filled the room. Slowly Anne and Paul crept towards the window and opened the certains.People were panicking and bombs exploded.
    ‘’AAAAAAAh “ screamed Paul
    ”ITS AN AIR RAID”said Anna

  3. Peacefully,Anna was sleeping in her bed.Birds tweeted to tree to tree and cows mooed,which made her driftly go to sleep sleep.The moon shined bright like the sun.She was felt like she was floating in the sky.Also she felt the breeze hit here face.

    • All of a Sudden …
      When the smell of thick, black smoke filled the air,Anna woke up,she crept towards the window,in terror,and peeped in seeing, flashing pencils shone on her.At once,Anna was alert.Her face went pale white,hearing a deafening sound ,that filled her bedroom.Bombers were launching bombs in the sky,which made booming sounds.BANG! BANG! BANG! She heard an Air-Raid.Gradually,It was getting louder and louder and louder.The sky was full of black,murky ash.

  4. We have been learning about the world war 2

    The posh house was made of scarlet bricks and was guarded by two stone gargoyles. The door was made of redwood and looked new. The glass windows were decorated with narrow wooden beams and the roof was made of clean slate arranged very orderly.

  5. Peacefully,John and Charleston were sleeping in there beds,when a smell of smoke filled the air.Suddenly the smell of dark smoke woke them up.”What is going on”wondered charleston”Wake up”cried Charleston.

  6. Anna and Paul were sleeping peacefully but herd lovely tweeting sounds All of a sudden ther was silence there was a strange smell of black thick smoke it filled the air .booming sounds echoed the sky thunderous noises floating in the sky!people were panicking so they could fit in the air raid shelters made screeching all around Anna and Paul.

  7. As the fire place lit up as hot as the vibrante sun. The bees humed a beautiful tune that was in the nice mid air .The birds even tweeted a beautiful tune all over again.As the beautiful birds flew side to side they made a beautiful breeze go again and a again.

  8. My favourite type of period is the world war 1 and 2

    Setting description:

    As the peaceful people that were selling preshus items, Laura and Paul were playing board games and talking about the cake.just then there mother Mrs jones told Laura and Paul that the cake won’t be long.

    All of a sudden deathing sound began to clear the sky thousands of enemy bomers began to go for the city…everyone were trembled in fear and were running for there lives

  9. Anna and Paul were sleeping in there bed, it was very peaceful and quiet. There was cow pigs making a loud noise in the backyard. All of a sudden every thing was quite . Then Anna woke up and could smell a black thick smoke floating in the air . Suddenly Anna and Paul could hear a thunderous sound . The bombers made a booming sound when they threw the bombs on the ground. The sound was loud as a thunderstorm.

  10. After,Edmund and Jane had finished baking their delious cupckaes,the lovely smell of the aroma filled the air. Edmund and Jane went towards there lovely and peaceful living room slowly they both brother and sister went towards the fire place to warm there hands up,the fire place was as calm as the sea,the crackling sounds filled up the air and the fire was as bright as the sun shining.After a while Edmund asked Jane “let’s play a board game”

  11. As the birds gracefully flew in the air,the smell of delicious cup cakes ran around the world. At the strike of 9 o’clock, the world went silent ……the aroma of cup cakes got tired flashing pencil lights flew in the air. A dark ash of smoke layed on on the sky, a deathing sound made the citizens of cross road scream in terror.

  12. My favourite period is the World War II which we have being studying about.As Anna and Paul were sleeping quietly the wind whistled through the air. The smell of dirty windows floated as the breeze whistled. Anna and Paul could hear the birds tweeting merily. Thier quaint little cottage was bursting with life.spring was here.it was going to be a wonderfull spring.

    • Outside the window the only thing that could be seen is the the tall green trees, standing as if they were guarding the house.Anna and Paul slept gaily as the birds were tweeting.

  13. As the smell of aroma filled the air while Thomas and poll baked the first lot of cakes.After placing the cakes into the oven they went inside the living room and started to play a few board games.They could smell the delicious cakes baking,they could not wait until the cakes were made.While they were playing board games they listened to the farm music.Outside the birds were flying around as they were cheaters running at each other.
    “Can we play a different games because this game is boring”Polly explained.
    “Okay then”As Thomas did not want to change the game.Thomas replied.

    As they were playing all of a suden the floor started th tremble,they were frightened.
    “What shall we do”Polly bellowed.
    “Wait there,I’ll see what’s going on”Thomas suggested.
    As the dark smoke filed the air,Thomas rushed towards the dusty window and reached his arm out to open the curtains.Every one was rushing to safety.

  14. As the birds tweeted sweetly the lush green grass flowed form side to side.Not a leaf on the tree laden moved and the roses stood as soldiers while the sun beamed to little cottage in the countryside owned by Mrs .Johnson.

    The fireplace was like the sun as the candles flickered as John and Polly raced each other after baking some delicious cake.Because it was their first time to come into the house they explored the living room.John played the piano like a musician as Polly danced like a ballerina.John felt relaxed sitting on the comfy sitting room while Polly was calm that they would be ok without mother.

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