History Week in 5 Red. Lady Jane Grey.

This week in Year 5, we have been learning about Lady Jane Grey. Firstly, we researched her life and why she was a historical figure. We created posters with key facts presented on them. We also created a non-chronological report, with the key features added from previous learning and used Purple Mash to present the information found. To finish, we went on to create a family tree showing Lady Jane Greys’s family.


Continuing on from yesterday, we created a scaled time line of Lady Jane Grey, giving details before and after her life. After this, we compared Lady Jane Grey’s life with other Tudor monarchs by drawing a table and creating it on Pic Collage.

  1. Why is Lady Jane Grey a historical figure?
  2. What experiences did she have?
  3. Why is she important?

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  1. She is a historical figure because she was queen after the death of her cousin and was actually 5th in place to the throne.
    She got taken to the Tower of London to get executed.
    Lady Jane Grey is important because she only reigned for 9 days which makes her the shortest reigning monarch in history.