Hola 4T!

In our Foreign Languages sessions this half term we have been learning different greetings in Spanish.  4T have made videos to put these into different contexts.

Can you use the clues in the role play to work out what the children are saying?

4T are very proud of what they have learnt.  Next half term we will be working on our pronunciation and extending our key vocabulary.

Muy Bien 4T.

7 thoughts on “Hola 4T!

  1. the first episode was really good but when Humaira said buneos nochas at the the end it was not good at the end because buneos nocahs means good night.

  2. The 1 charcter said good moring and the 2 charcter said hello and then the 1 chacter said how are you and the 3 chacter said good.After the third charcter said same as normal and the they all said bye bye.

  3. Zeid is saying:
    Benous Dias (good morning)
    Humaira is saying:
    Que tal (how are you)
    Haris I:
    No my pien (terrible)
    My bien(great)
    hasto loago(good Bye)
    Beanous tardes(good Afternoon)
    Adious (good bye)

  4. first episode first says hello character 1 says he is not happy character 2 says he is happy character number 3 says she is okay at the end they say bye-bye

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