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Home Learning: Basic Skills – Shared Story (11.01.21)

Hello Reception Superstars!

Today, I would like you to listen to the story ‘Room on the Broom’ and answer the questions by responding via the blog or by uploading your verbal responses here.


Gold Challenge

Silver Challenge

Bronze Challenge

Looking forward to seeing your responses.

81 responses to “Home Learning: Basic Skills – Shared Story (11.01.21)”

  1. Nichollas B.

    Un personal este o persoana ,un animal sau un lucru despre care se povesteste
    In aceasta poveste personalul principal este o vrajitoare insotita de alter personaje precum caine, pisica,broasca, pasare si dragon.
    Vrajitoarea are o palarie de vrajitoare,bagheta pentru vraji si matura zburatoare.Vrajitoarea are nasul lung si un neg pe el.
    Vrajitoarea este prietenoasa,ajuta si in schimbul ajutorului primit ia animalele cu ea pe matura
    Partea mea preferata este cand vrajitoarea a primit animalele cu ea pe matura
    Sunt un copil bun pentru ca ascult de parinti, imi ingrijesc jucariile si le impart si cu alti copii

  2. Amelia R.

    Amelia did do this work yesterday but i forgot to post..

    What is a character?
    Person in a book
    How many characters in the book, and can you named them?
    There are 5 characters and there name is dog, witch, bird, frog, cat and dragon.
    Are you a good citizen? Yes
    Because i play nicely
    What things do you do for other people?
    Play nicely, share toys, and be kind and help them.
    She is a witch with a long hat and a big nose

    1. Mrs Jahangir

      Well done!!

  3. Syed A.

    A character is a person of animal story book tree are 6 characters Witch,Dog,Frog,Cat,Bird,& Dragon
    I’m going citizen because I’m sharing all my toy with my friends nicely I help my mom & listen to her well when I see poor people I take some money From my mom and give it to them when I’m looking outside my home any body O my neighbours i say hello
    The Witch have a very long nose with spot the Witch is wearing a red top & blue skit black shoes and black big hat 🎩

  4. Evie T.

    Good evening Evie has completed her work and I think we have finally managed to send them to the email! They weren’t sending properly earlier for some reason

  5. Hannah B.

    A character is a person or animal in a book
    There are 6 characters in the story, the witch, the dog, the cat, the bird, the frog and the dragon
    My favourite part of the story was when the dragon blew fire onto the witch’s broom. I liked that part because it was scary and exciting.

    The witch was a good person because she shared her broom with othes even when there was no room.
    A good person is someone who is good, kind and listens. A good person is someone who is nice to others and shares.

    The witch looks very nice and friendly. She is smiling so she is happy. Hair is long and ginger a pretty.

  6. Emaan S.

    A chracter is a person or animal in the book. There are six chracters in the book

    I am a good person because i am kind and polite to people i know. This makes me a good citizen.

    The witch has a

  7. Zakariyah A.

    the character is the people or animals in the story.
    there is a witch,dog,cat,frog and bird

    a good citizen is a person who is good.
    a person who helps and shares and is kind

    the witch has a witch hat,a wart,pointy shoes and a wand

  8. Huzaifa S.

    (Gold Challenge)

    1) A character can be a person, animal, creature or a thing in a story.

    2) I can see six characters in the story. A witch, cat, dog, green bird, frog and the dragon. The dragon is scary. It has yellow eyes, sharp teeth and has a fire breath.

    3) Huzaifa said his favourite part of the story is when a horrible beast try to save the witch from the scary dragon.

    I asked him why he likes this part of the story he said he likes it because the dragon got scared and then said I am sorry to the beast.

    (Silver Chellenge)

    The witch was a good citizen because the animals were being kinder and nicer to the witch by helping her to find the hat, bow, and the magic wand. So in return the witch let the animals sit with her on the the broom.

    Huzaifa said he is a good citizen because he listens to others, follow the rules and help others.

    Huzaifa is learning everyday to be a good citizen and gives his best.

    At home he helps mummy and daddy around the house and follow the orders.

    Huzaifa said, we can do many things to help other people. He said
    ~ We should be polite.
    ~ We say thank you and please.
    ~ We hold the door open for someone.
    ~ We donate items from our home.

    (Bronze Chellenge)

    The witch is wearing a very tall hat.
    The witch has long ginger hair, which she wore in plait with a bow.
    The witch have a very long nose with a spot.
    The witch is sitting on the broom, holding a magic wand and a cooking pot.

  9. Saalihah H.

    – The witch has a pointy hat.
    – The witch has a spot on her nose.
    – The witch has a long hair.

    – She helps other people.
    – She shares her toys.
    – She let other people on her broom.

    – Frog
    – Bird
    – Dog
    – Cat
    – Witch

  10. Waniya Z.

    Bronze: The witch had a pointy black hat and a spotty purple skirt. She was holding a yellow wand. She was wearing a red jumper and had a yellow bow with orange spots.

    Sliver: When the all the animals found her hat, bow, wand she gave them a lift on her broom in return
    Waniya is a good citizen by being nice and friendly with everyone at school and at home and she shares her toys with her cousins and baby brother.

    Gold: There are 6 characters in total: the witch, a dog, a cat, a bird, a frog and a scary red dragon.

  11. Sulaiman A.

    Character are who is in a story. Character in the story are, the witch, cat, dog, bird, frog and a red fire dragon.
    The witch was a good citizen because she helped all the animals. I’m a good citizen because I am kind and I look after my toys. I put my wrapper in the bin, so it’s nice and clean place.
    The witch has a black hat. She has a ginger hair. She has a long nose. She has a yellow wand. She is a happy and kind witch.

  12. Ahsan M.

    The witch has a pointy hat.
    She has a bow
    She has a short wand.
    The witch was a good citizen because she let the animals on the broom.

  13. Dhonshan R.

    I’ve shared vedio via email, thank you

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