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Home Learning: Basic Skills – Shared Story (18.01.21)

Hello Reception Superstars!

Today, I would like you to listen to the storyMarshmallows for Martians’ and view the learning videos below.

Image result for marshallows for martians
Authors: Adam & Charlotte Gullian Lee Wildish

After you have listened to the story I would like you to complete one or all of the challenges by either responding via the blog or by uploading your verbal responses here.


Gold Challenge

Silver Challenge

Bronze Challenge

Looking forward to seeing your responses.

85 responses to “Home Learning: Basic Skills – Shared Story (18.01.21)”

  1. Hannah B.

    A door, window, super torch
    He went to mars
    He met martians

    He put the marshmellows in the martians ear so they block out the loud music
    I helped tidy up the living room
    Teachers help me with my reading

  2. Saalihah H.


    1. Door, window, wood and a torch.
    2. He went to Mars.
    3. He met the Martians.

    1. Mrs Jahangir

      Good girl. Who went to Mars and met the Martians? What is his name?

  3. Iqra F.

    Bronze Challenge:
    1. Super Torch, Bag Hook, Front Red Door, Window,
    Special Panels, Space Ship, Radio Receiver, Telescope, Battery
    2. George went to planet Mars.
    3. George met the Aliens and Martians.
    I would pack Broccoli🥦, Orange🍊, lettuce🥬, Tomato 🍅, Carrot🥕, Strawberry 🍓 Apple🍎, 🍌Banana,🍇Grapes,🍉 watermelon, 🍒Cherry,🍐Pear, 🥒Cucumber because they are my favourite food.

    1. Mrs Jahangir

      Well done Iqra!! Can you tell me what the Martians used to cover there ears?

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