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Welcome back 5B! I hope you are all well! This is our home learning blog for the Summer term, where we will be adding work from your daily activities, as the weeks pass by.

Anyone can send their work. If you have done a fantastic piece of work that you are proud of, it’s neat and you feel you have put 100% into it, then feel free to email your work.

The email address is: Y5upload@broadheath.coventry.sch.uk

Also, comment on this blog, at any time, if you would like to talk or have a chat! Missing you all!

Summer 1 (Week 4)

Damanpreet has been working extremely hard in all subjects. Keep it up!

Hannah has been focusing on her handwriting, showing clear working out in Maths and learning new Spanish vocabulary. Fantastica!

Zubeyr has been working extremely hard in Maths.

Well done Mujammil with your Literacy and Maths work.

Velin has presented some fantastic Maths and Topic work. Great Learning!

Adam and Ryan, have been showing great learning in Maths. Well done boys!

Harun and Lakeysha, have spent a lot of time and effort in their Literacy work. Beautifully presented.

Summer 1 (Week 3)

5 Blue, Myself and Mr Janjua are so impressed with the work being sent in. You are doing a great job. Keep it up!

Hannah, has been showing great understanding in her Maths work. Clear working out of her answers.

Mujammil has continued with the fantastic learning in all subjects. Literacy, Maths and a great Topic poster.

Another superstar learner, Oliwier fantastic effort in various subjects Maths, Literacy, Science and Spanish. Keep it up!

Shahzaib, has shown clear working out in his Maths work and has also presented some fantastic Art and Topic work. Great drawings!

Ryan, has not just been working hard with the blogs he’s also been cooking away in the kitchen. Those pancakes look delicious!

Adam, has shown a clear understanding in Maths and created a great sign for his Topic work.

Laiba and Zubeyr have shown great understanding in there Maths work. Zubeyr great drawing!

Great effort from Damanpreet with Literacy – facts about Nocturnal animals and Musa has made a great effort with his art and Science work.

Fantastic presentation with Lakesyha’s literacy work. A great pleasure to read.

Well done Velin with your Maths working out, Literacy and Topic. work

Summer 1 (Week 2)

Mujammil has been very busy and working hard this week. Fantastic Maths working out, Literacy work very neatly presented and carrying out the Science experiment.

Great Maths working out and handwriting from Reyyan.

Fantastic effort Lakeysha with your Spanish weather poster and beautifully presented Maths and Topic work.

Great Topic work from Oliwier and Velin.

Great effort from Nehemia for his art work and Ryan’s fantastic working out for Maths!

Well done Musa for the time and effort you have put into your Topic work!

Summer 1 (Week 1)

Damanpreet has also being showing her creative side! This is inspired by Pablo Picasso! Lovely effort!

Laiba has been trying hard with her Spanish work on the Weather! It is a dark time but there is light at the end of the tunnel.
It is good to see Ryan spending time with his siblings and reading together! This is a brilliant way to wind down and relax before bed!

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  1. Hi hope your well and also EID MUBARAK TO EVERYONE HOPE YOU HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY!!!!!💛 I’m going to watch a movie and play football with my cousins and eat ice cream and pizza!

  2. Another super duper week of work being sent in! Well done 5 Blue, keep up the amazing work. It has been great to see so many of your faces over the last few days and the quality you are producing! :)

  3. i have seen a lot of draw with rob videos and i have seen that he is a artist who is more on the cartoony side but i am more of that style so I have got inspired and i have now decided that i will start to draw some scary and horror like sketches!

    • Oohh interesting Musa! Looking forward to seeing how you develop your Art. Remember you do not have to just stick with one style, you can try new things! Well done you!

  4. 5 Blue, I am so proud of the work coming in and enjoy updating the blog. Each week I will post new pictures of your work so please continue to send them in via email. Keep it up!

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