Homework in Reception Red! Summer 2!🤩👍

Week 1!

Maths: Creating a number line

Literacy: How many ‘CVC’ words can you make?

Wow: Make a list of different transport that has wheels

Week 2!

Maths: Can you count how many different coloured cars you see on a walk?

Literacy: Choose a form of transport and then draw a picture and write a series of simple sentences about it.

Wow: Practise doing your buttons and take a picture or video to show us

Week 3!

Maths: Can you solve the sums?

Literacy: Write as many ’sh’ words that you can think of

Wow: Use a range of art media to create a form of transport

Week 4!

Maths: Can you create a boat with different shaped objects?

Literacy: Can you practise your pre-cursive handwriting?

Wow: Can you find different objects at home to see which floats and which sinks?

Week 5

Maths: Creating a number book to 10

Literacy: Draw a picture of a place you have visited

Wow: Can you practise doing your zip up

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