Homework in Year 6

The work you do this year at home will be essential to consolidate your learning in class.

Last Year, Year 6 did more hours of work on I Am Learning than any other class in school. 6M were the highest using class on Mathletics and we need to do even more this year to maintain our high standards.

To kick start the year well, EVERYONE in Year 6 needs to login to Mathletics, choose a course and complete it.

Please post which course you have completed and your scores on here.

Thank you

Mr McCabe

14 thoughts on “Homework in Year 6

  1. I did 6 topics line graph explanation ,bar chart ,sorting data ,column graph ,tallies and division facts to 12. For the first I got 60% and for the second ,third and fourth one I got 100%.

  2. On pie chart I got 70% correct and 30% incorrect.
    On reading charts I got 100% correct.
    On handling charts I got 60%correct and 40 % incorrect.

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