Homework information in Year 3!

Dear Parents/Carers,

We give out homework every Friday and we expect this to be brought back on Wednesday. The homework is usually a consolidation of the work that we are doing in that week. Homework is explained on the same day it is given out so all children know what they have to do. 

Children will write their task in their homework book (clearly writing whether homework is to be completed on the blog, I am learning or in their books)

If your child is still unsure about their homework, we will be more than happy to go through this again. Should your child be off school for any reason, we will go through the homework and discuss an appropriate time for this to be brought in.

It is vital that homework is completed as this will help children consolidate their learning from the week and learn new concepts.

Any questions, please speak to your class teacher.

Thank you,

Year 3 Teachers

3 thoughts on “Homework information in Year 3!

  1. Ok I will bring in my homework on wednesday to school but I won’t forget ok or I can just get a paper and write homework to scool on wednesday

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