Homework – Poetry

During the last couple of weeks, you have been learning about the different language features used in poems such as adjectives,  similes, metaphors, personification and onomatopoeia. 

Linking to you previous learning about Horrid Henry’s Glop, I want you to write a poem which uses all those features that you have been using in your writing this week, and make a poem to describe the glop. 

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  1. Glop glop why is it such a flop?
    Plop plop as it falls making disgusting sounds
    What does it remind you off?

    Plop goes the glop

    Nervous are you Margret?
    I guess I would be too!
    The stench stronger than the big bad wolf
    Will you eat it Margret?

    Plop goes the glop

    Open wide it’s going to taste amazing
    No no! Please don’t eat that smelly glop!

  2. Glop,glop stares at you
    Stop , stop do not chew
    As repulsive as sick
    Do not try to lick

    Glop , glop protects your house
    Drop , drop you need to bounce
    Smells exactly like Brussels sprouts
    Don’t eat a large amount

    Glop,glop smells the room
    While filling it with doom
    Às vile as mud
    I could but never should
    EAT IT!!!

  3. The glop is repulsive and very much impulsive.The aliens cant resist the smell disgusting like dusting because it was just not adjusting . Glop was made of slug slime stinky like a rotten lime.To resist the outrageous filthy litter on the snails shell was like hell and spiders which have guts but even it tucked its butts on the sticky glop stickier than cement.The glop is very horrific that people can’t imagine that two children can make an awful hallucination.The revolting insects stood like a statue when they went into Henry and Margret’s glop which makes people sick of the yucky glop.:)

    • Dear miss Ahmed ….i did my homework twice because my previous comment was posted through my sister’s ID and i got confused if that was correct :(

  4. The glop is a snail.
    But also hard like rock.

    Even the glop is bumpy.
    And like bumpy hills.

    The glop is sticky.
    Also like gloopy glue.

  5. The glop is an alien
    As stinky as slimy goo
    It is bad when cold
    Each day it gets yuckier
    As it gets old.

    When the night is dark,
    Like an old tree bark.
    It sights like a ghost in the house,
    As a big black mouse.

    In the day it’s on a table
    And in night it’s creeping along with dreadfully thoughts
    You feel like you are whisked away in a severe draught.

    I dare you to eat the whole lot up
    YUCK !

  6. The glop is repulsive and very much impulsive.The aliens even cant resist the gross smell of the glop.The smell of the glop is so disgusting just like dusting and simply not adjusting. The glop is made out of slug slime like a rotten lime. To resist and outrageous of the filth litter on the snail shell and has guts but when the spider goes into Henry and Margaret’s terrifying glop suddenly the spiders guts go away.The glop is more stickier than play dough,even glutinous than wet mud.
    It can give pupil wired [hallucinations] for example,he continued to suffer from horrific hallucinations.:)

  7. Henry loves making glops but will he eat moody Margaret’s disgusting glop. Margaret loves making glops but will she eat horrid Henry’s revolting glop. SPLASH goes the glop as it jumps into the water. If you think you can beat this challenge, which is to eat this glop you are definitely thinking wrong. Think of something you hate and then you will know how horrible this is. If you want to smell it don’t come to me just stay at home and smell your toilet and then you will know what it smells like.

  8. The glop is as discuting as snot.
    it smells like rotten eggs.
    The glop rumbels.
    It is like ear wax and its revolting.
    It looks like slime.
    It is so nasty and stinky that it will make you pass out.
    The glop is like vomit.
    it is as yuky as toe jam.

  9. This glop smells like the loo.
    Which will make you have a poo.
    All that could be heard is BANG!!!
    It is the most best poo for eating
    The soup is from the loo.
    With dr who
    Singing songs
    All day long.
    I can’t say it
    The gross GLOP is sticky like super glue
    Which will help make you poo
    There are more ugly disgusting foods like slim and ghosts guts with the flesh of YOU.

    It is so gruesome that giants and trolls get sick.

    And don’t make the mick

    It makes the people werid like humans chasing dogs cats chasing dogs rats chasing cats broom on a witch.

    It is runny like the snail trail.

    The oil drops down from the bowl like a nice cup of tea

    But it is pee

    It smells like the giant’s snot

    Which makes us hot like a red chili

    And this has to need YOU in the mixture.

  10. Glop, Glop,Glop
    Get ready for some greasy glop!!!

    Disgusting, revolting,repulsive,goeey,greasy glop like poo!!!
    The loathsome glop contains tomato sauce,chocoate spread, kidney beans oh yes I nearly forget. SNAILS which were hard like a rock!!!! :)


  11. The glop is the monster,
    Who smells like lobsters.

    The monster is green,
    And has a big scream.

    He is revolting like mouldy cheese,
    and not forgetting his snotty sneeze.

    He is as sticky as gum,
    and isn’t even scared to blow bubbles in front of his

    The smell of him is rank,
    People take one sniff of, and their minds run blank.

  12. Oh who would want to eat the slimy,smelly,disgusting glop
    its like snail slime whitch smells of poop
    the glop is more than food its green and moldey
    the glop mite taste like stew that has been bernt

  13. When you see the glop
    It drives you crazy and you might hip hop

    When you taste the glop
    You would want to stop

    It is as gooey as snot
    and a it is as hot as a boiled pot

    It is nice when it is hot
    But when it is cold it turns into a spot

    It smells like a sock
    Which has been under a cock

    It looks like inside a turtle’s shell
    which has been roasted on the grill

  14. Glop is bubbly like quick sand drowning the ingredients to the bottom.

    The glop is the black hole sucking everything with its giant mouth.

    It sounds like millions of bombs dropped from the sky.


    GLU GLU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. THE GLOP…
    TELL me who would this slimy, smelly,ugly glop?
    only a person like untidy Horrid Henry which has no manners at
    all or bossy moody Margret. They were playing pirates and
    Margret had the hook for a long time so they had a glop challenge
    “who would eat the glop”said Henry.We both will so they did.

  16. glop is smelly and glop is poo is doesnt smell nice but it is worse than a loo and some smelly disgusting shoe no one like and no one wants to eat it and even if some one dares them to.

  17. If you see the glop,
    It might just go plop
    So jump along,
    And sing a song
    But suddenly,
    The glop gets old
    and starts to mould
    Whilst getting cold.

  18. Do you want loathsome glop moody Margaret.
    The glop is a storm that is made from a disgusting poop.
    The glop is a earthquake that shivers like my shoe.
    The glop is a slime that smells worse than the loo.
    the glop is a vomit that looks like stew.

  19. Glop Glop glop
    Smell the glop
    Smell the glop like a stinky socks
    Touch the glop carefully
    Taste the glop like never ever
    Eat the glop like you never taste it
    Glop glop glop

  20. The gross glop is sticky like toffee.

    As the swamp drop glop grows larger even trolls hate it.

    The glop is so stinky that aliens in space suffer from the stench.

    The mixture is made from disgusting slug slim and spider guts.

    The taste is so fowl people howl like wolves when they try it.

    It is so weird it gives people strange hallucinations for example: seeing dogs walking people, rats chasing cats
    and trees climbing squirrels.

  21. Who would like some grusome glop.
    Sound yummy.
    There is every think in the mixture sutchas popcorn,potatos,slugs,snails and all sorts of stuff.
    In goes all of the ingredients.
    Deliouce,start eating.
    As the day goes past the glop goes yuckier

  22. Who want’s to try the nasty boul of spicy soup!
    Nasty,spicy,salty and loathsome!
    It’s made of snails,slugs and worms,
    I dare you to eat the whole boul of the nasty,spice and loathsome soup.

  23. who wants to eat some glop
    if you put the kidney beans in, it goes plop
    I dare you to eat this
    I gave it a little whisk
    I put it on the spoon it sticks
    its gluey its gloopy
    but it is not bluey

  24. The glop is so stinky like some one who never had a shower before. If you try it you will be sick for hours but some people like it. Henry just put everything in he didn’t care but he thought it will be yucky because he may put all the things

  25. would you like some stinky, slimy and revolting glop Margret?

    It has moldy cheese, ketchup, worms and snails.

    Soon this spoon of glop will lump rite into your mouth.

    This piece of glop is like glue and as disgusting as a slug.

  26. Who wants to try some glop!
    Ugly, grotesque,stinky glop!
    It’s made with slugs, snails and rotten tomatoes,
    I dare you to eat the whole lot!

  27. Henry and Margaret are 2 battling tigers. Who argues all day.

    Henry is the peacock. Who pokes people with abominable, fetid, rancid, glutinous, miry and viscous glop.

    Margaret is the melancholy boss that bosses people around. Who is always cross with madness and fear.

    The glop is the alien.who is always sloppy.

  28. The glop is smelly and repulsive
    The glop is as runny as snot.
    The glop smells like canned baby food.
    The glop is runny like an athlete in the Olympics.

  29. THE GLOP…
    Tell me who would want this slimy,smelly,ugly glop?
    only a person like un tidy horid Henry which has no manners at all or bossy moody margret.They were playing pirates and margret had the hook for a long time so they had a glop challenge “who would eat the glop”said henry. we both will so they did.

  30. Henry is exited that margret is going to eat the disgusting glop. Margret is going to be red on her face. She want to give up but then henry will get the the pirate stuff.henry think that she will eating every thing in the bbowl.

  31. Who would like to make a smelly,stinky glop.

    Slimy,oh slimy slugs and snails!

    Plop and plop in goes the kidney beans!!!

    Delicious mmhh delicious!START EATING UP

  32. the glop is a storm
    the ugly glop is like stew
    the glop is like snail and a loathsome monsters
    when the moon goes down the glop gets old

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