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Welcome back Reception to what will be the best term ever!

Next week we will be learning all about the story ‘The Shopping Basket’ by John Burningham. Listen to the story below and attempt to answer the questions. A special homework sticker will be awarded to those who complete the homework.



1. Create a healthy shopping list of your favourite foods and label where you would go to buy the items.

2. Did Steven get all the items that his Mum asked him to buy? What was the reasons for this?

3. What do you think Steven’s mum said to him when he got home?


1.  What items can you you name in the shopping basket below. Create a shopping list and label each item using your phonics knowledge to help you. 

2. Choose 2 items and describe what they taste like.

Image result for the shopping basket maths


Look at the different food items below. Create a shopping list by drawing and using your phonics knowledge to label each of the items.

Red Apple Clipart       banana clip art 5 600x400             



Green/Blue: Find 3 items in your home to measure. Draw and label each item using the correct measurement in cm’s,

Yellow/Orange: Draw a picture of yourself and then find  2 items that are taller and shorter than you. Record these items next to your picture showing which item is taller or shorter than yourself.

Red:  Look at the items on the shopping list below. Draw the items and number how many of each item there is. How many items are there altogether?


Do you think the animals were polite and friendly?  Why was their behaviour wrong?

24 thoughts on “Homework RH

  1. shopping list
    I will buy those from Sainsbury.

    2.steven did not manage to get all the things that his mum asked because of the animal.
    3.when he got home steven mum said where on the earth you have been?

  2. 1. my shopping list is

    2. Steven did not bring all item to his house because animals took some items from him.

    3. Steven’s mother felts very sad because Steven did not bring all items


    Banana 14cm
    apple 7cm
    orange 5cm

    Sami Ullah
    Green group

  3. Damanpreet Kaur
    Yellow group




    Strawbery tastes yummy and nice. It is sweet.

    Banana tastes squishy

    • Well done making a healthy shopping list and telling me about your favorite items. Don’t forget to find some things to measure that are shorter and taller than you

  4. banana
    i buy them from sainsbury
    steven bought things but the animals took away his things
    i think she felt sad.
    pear 12cm
    orange 4cm
    banana 15cm

    • Well done that is a really healthy shopping list. Do you help mum to find all the things on your shopping list when you go to Sainsburys? Remember capital letters and full stops when writing your sentences.

  5. Orange group
    shopping list
    (1)=Green pepper
    (1)=Red pepper
    (1)Yellow pepper
    (a)banana taste:it is like candy,sweet and easy to eat i always eat banana with my breakfast.
    (b)strawberries tastes:they taste delicious,juicy sweet and bitterness i ate strawberries with vanilla ice cream my favourite

    • The animals were not polite or friendly
      its not polite to threaten anyone and all of these animals were wrong by telling him to hand over food from the shopping basket,they were demanding and that’s not polite and used bad language
      their behaviour was wrong because they were trying to bully him into handing over the food and threatening it is not good to take food for others by bullying them and the boy was late with the shopping basket to his mother because of them.

      • Well done Lekeysha completing your homework on the blog. The animals were being bullies which is very unkind. Perhaps they need to come to our school and learn to be good citizens. Super work using lots of adjectives to tell me about your favorite fruit.

  6. 2. Did Steven get all the items that his Mum asked him to buy? What was the reasons for this?
    Steven did not get all the items his mum because animals took some of his items:
    -Monkey took his bananas,
    -Kangaroo took his apples,
    -Goat took his oranges,
    -Pig took his doughnuts,
    Elephant took his Crips.
    3. What do you think Steven’s mum said to him when he got home?
    She said what he was there so long if he should to buy six eggs,
    five bananas, four apples, three oranges, two doughnuts and a packet of Crisp for tea.

    • Brilliant answer to the literacy questions Wiktoria and super work finding lots of items to measure with your ruler. Did you have help to cut them out?

  7. I will pick:
    six mangoes
    three chocolate
    2 packets of crisp

    Steven did not get all the items his mum has told him to buy because the animals wanted it on the way home and he gave it to them.

    She said what took you so long you only did to buy six eggs
    Five bananas four apples three oranges two doughnuts and a pack of Crisp for tea.

    I did the other one on paper Mr harwood

    • Great work doing your maths homework, super work measuring the 3 items. Can you tell me what you used to measure them with? Don’t forget to do the literacy homework as well.

    • Well done Jawariyah you have done all the homework. I go to Sainsbury’s sometimes with my shopping list too. Do you find the items for mummy and can you tell her how much they cost? I think Stevens mum will be sad aswell not getting all the items she wanted. Well done.

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