Homework – to be completed by Thursday 4th December

This week, you have all shown a great understanding of what is happening in a poem by using your inference skills. You have all demonstrated your ability to answer questions about how people in ab image might feel and provided reasons why they could be feeling this way but also, you have looked closely at what information there is on the page such as setting to try and help you understand what is happening.


Using you inference skills, we would like you to  explain what is happening in the picture and how you think the lady in the image is feeling. 

Bronze – What clues are there to tell you how the character feels? 

– look at her face, what does her body language show?

Silver – What clues are there to explain what might be happening?

Gold – What reasons can you provide to support your answers based on your own experiences in life?

62 thoughts on “Homework – to be completed by Thursday 4th December

  1. I can tell this lady is very rich because she has golden jewellery on her.I think this lady is evil because she is strangling a peacock and in the background it is a sunny and stifling day because when it is hot the colour of the background turns up bright yellow.I think this lady is going to eat this peacock because she might be feeling hungry.Also I think this peacock is guarding something such as food that it has found.The peacock may want to take this food to their family however it can’t because a random lady has came and just strangled it’s neck for no reason.I think she is strangling the peacock because she likes that peacock’s feathers or if the lady does not want it she might sell it and get money for it.When she gets the money she will buy some food for her family instead of cooking it for lunch.Also she might pick some apples of the tall tree’s.

  2. challenge 1
    she looks angry you can tell because she has gone red in the face.
    challenge 2
    the clues that tell what might be happening is that her strangling a peacock.
    challenge 3
    1.she angry because the peacock ran away.
    2.she strangling the peacock because it might has called its group of peacocks to attack her.

  3. I need to carry on
    Spotted a tall peacock. The reason i think this is there is a lot of trees surrounding the area and the women looks Emily which can show that she is surprised.

    If I ever saw a lion , i would be extremely excited as I have never saw one before . Also i would like to find out things such as how big is it and what it eats.

  4. Bronze Challenge
    I think the girl is feeling three different things at the same time. She is feeling shocked because she maybe never saw a peacock before , she is feeling amazed because the peacock is so beautiful and last that she is feeling scared because she thinks the peacock might hit her.

  5. Silver

    I think the lady wants to eat the peacock.It looks like she might feed the peacock with the food that is behind the peacocks feathers and she might poison the food to kill it.It looks like the lady is strangling the peacock.

    If I was that person I would eat it or Keep it as a pet to look after.If I don’t do that I will sell it to a person who wants it and get money to buy food.

  6. Gold : Some days back we found a kitten in our back yard and we took great care to stroke it on his back whereas the lady is holding the peacock by his neck which is not considered gentle and kind.

  7. Bronze : On the other hand i also feel that the lady is an evil woman because she caught the peacock by his neck strangling him, the peacock looks very sad and upset it seems like the lady is trying to snatch his beautiful feathers and want to make a hair band out of it.

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