2 thoughts on “How do you make a delicious smoothie?

  1. How to make some delicious smoothie
    Here are the ingredients what you need

    Orange Juice a knife
    Bananas a spoon
    Yogort a blender
    mixted berries plates
    Befor you start wash your hands
    Next peel and chop the Bananas.
    Then put the bananas into the Big blender.
    After that pour the yogort into the Big blender.
    Then put the berries into the blende
    Then tip the Juice into the blender
    Evenetly mix the berries in the blender.
    Finally enjoy your delicious smoothie.

    Next chop the Bananas.

    . smoothie blender

  2. How to make a smoothie.
    What you need.
    Mix berries

    1. Before you start wash your hands.
    2. Now add your bananas, peel and chop them into the blender.
    3. Next put the orange juice into the blender.
    4. Eventually put mixed berries into the blender and blend.
    5. Finally enjoy your delicious smoothie.

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