How has the seaside changed?

Hello Year 2,

In the Victorian times (100 to 150 years ago), railways changed people’s lives. Families went to the seaside for the day by train. People who could afford it took a week’s summer holiday. Seaside towns such as Blackpool and Margate became popular resorts. Trippers and holidaymakers enjoyed things we still enjoy at the seaside today: ice cream, fish and chips, riding on donkeys, paddling and making sandcastles on the beach. In old photos you’ll notice most people are wearing ordinary clothes, with trousers and skirts rolled up to keep dry.

Read the information below to find about more and answer the questions in red at the bottom. Remember to use evidence from the text to answer the questions.

Getting There

In the Victorian days, railways changed people’s lives as they could now visit the seaside for the day by steam train! The other way to travel was by horse drawn carts but that took 8 hours! Bicycles also became popular but trains were certainly quicker!

Eventually, cars became popular. Some people went to the seaside on open topped buses. Now people also go by coach or electric train.

What to wear

In the Victorian days, people visiting the seaside would wear their usual day clothes for walking on the beach. For bathing, they would use bathing machines to change and get into the sea, with men and women bathing in separate areas of the

beach. Later, people began to wear long bathing costume.

Now people wear swimming costumes, trunks or bikinis.

On the beach

In the Victorian days and until recently, children could take donkey rides on the beach at most seasides. Just like today, people also used to make sandcastles with flags, sit in deckchairs on the sand, play sports and go for walks along the beach. Punch and Judy shows were popular but not so much now.

In the water

In the Victorian days people used bathing machines. People hired them to use as private changing rooms to get into their bathing suits and then back into their clothes. The bathing machines were pulled by horses to move them up and down the beach as the tide came in or went out, so that people could get into the sea without having to walk on the beach where others could see them in their bathing costumes. There were separate machines for men and women who would bathe on different parts of the beach.

Like today, women and children enjoyed paddling in rock pools or in the sea, collecting treasures in their buckets, looking at the sea creatures and plants or checking to see what they have caught in their nets.

Questions to answer:

  1. Why did people choose to use a steam train rather than bicycles or horse drawn carts?
  2. What is different about the train we use now?
  3. What did visitors to the seaside used to wear? How did they change?
  4. What do modern people wear?
  5. What did people do at the seaside in Victorian times that we still do?
  6. Why do you think people don’t watch Punch and Judy shows now?
  7. How did the bathing machines move?
  8. Where on the beach were the bathing machines?
  9. Can you name 3 things, from the text, that children like to do at the seaside?

41 thoughts on “How has the seaside changed?

  1. 1. Because it would take too long otherwise.
    2. The trains are now electric.
    3. People used to wear their usual clothes, trousers and tops.
    4. Now they wear swimming costumes, shorts and bikinis.

  2. 1.The is train very fast and everybody is going on it
    2. The old are very fast then now
    3.They change in bathing machines
    4.Men were a soot and ladies were toll costs
    5.We have a pier they have it to
    6.IT is a old show
    7.the machines moved with a horse to the water
    9.making sand castles and football And tig

  3. 1)because it takes to long.
    2)It hasn’t got steam and the old one has got seam.
    3)normal clothes in a machine.
    4)trucks and swing costumes.
    5)ride donkeys.
    6)because it is old.
    7)with wheels.
    8)next to the sea.
    9)play in the sand eat ice lollys. By jj and taseen

  4. Why did people choose to use a seam train rather than bicycle horse drawn carts? Because it will take 8 minutes to get there. What is different about the train we use now? Because trains that we have Look much more different. What did visitors to the seaside used to wear? Long clothes. How did they change? In a bathing machine. What do modern people wear? Shorts and t- shirts. What did people do at the seaside in Victorian time s that we still do? Eat ice creams go on the pier . Why do you think people don’t watch Punch and Judy shows now? Because It is gone old now. How did the bathing machine move by vinay and marcel

  5. 1.because olden people want to be quicker like elders even outdoors sometimes kid are faster then elder elder are slowest. .2 they had steams are made of smoke. .3 they change in a bathing machine but sometimes the people dont know how to do it they just wear there home swimming clothes and then go to the beach how weird .4 they were random like swimming clothes or bathing machine clothes so i dont know. .5 they ride donkey in the newest day. .6 they broke it by axedent and it change into a outdoor the punch and judy show is from along time ago. like 1850. 7.they dare to make so other peopele dont need to waste there time to bring there swimming clothes. 8.its near by all the trip but not the trampoline place from birmingham the bathing machine is by outdoor people. 9.swim play sand make sand with things. by yibo and aidan

  6. it’s why they didn’t have cars . because our trains our speedtrains. They. get. change in a bath mashen. The y. Wear jeans. make sandcastles. Because it was. Boring. Horses move it. On the sand. Make sandcastles and watch shows and play in the sand. By Aboubakar and Ryan.

  7. because it who as faster.the old one use to use to have steam.thay wore there close to the beach.swimming trunks and swimming costume. Thay made sandcasels on the beach.Becouse everyone seen them. By the ege over the beach. Mace sandcasels and swim.

  8. because steam trains were faster they used steam and now we electric . in the olden days they used there odarnairy clothes . they still have horse rides stick of rock . people don,t like punch and judy shows because it is not pouplar
    they use horses to pull them onthe sand they like to watch a punch an judy play with sand an in the water. by shivani and muhammed

  9. In the olden days they wore old clothes and the photos are black and white. The things they did is they sat on’deckchairs’. All they travelled in was ether a steam train or a horse and cart but they did not go on horses and carts because it took 8 hours!

  10. why did pepole chose to have a steam train rather than bickcels or horse drawn carts?because their is no trains or airplane 2.what is the diffrent to trains now? they are much faster.

  11. 1. There was no planes
    2.there was no steam
    3.In the olden days they used to get changed in the bathing machines
    4.Moden people used to wear shorts and bikinis
    5.They eat ice cream on the beach and now
    6.Because they will be bored
    7.Because they push it
    8.At the back
    9.Play sports and eat ice cream

  12. 1. Because it was more quicker to get to the seaside.
    2. The difference is that in the olden days it was called a stem train but now it is called a train.
    3. They use to wear there normal clothes .
    4. Old clothes .
    5. Riding donkey’s .
    6. Because people want to try out some new stuff .
    7. It had weels.
    8. In the sea.
    9. Paddling. Riding donkeys. Swimming in the sea.

  13. 1.people took trains beacause they are faster
    2.the trains befor were powerd with steam
    3. people change in a baithing machine
    4.modern people wear swimming kits
    5.people in the victorian time watched shows
    6.because they did not have a tv
    7.the baithing machine moved whith horses
    8.the baithin machine is near the sea
    9.children like building sand castels ,football and going on rides

  14. 2. Becease it was very rusty.
    3. Swimming pants and bikinis
    4.old cloths
    5.sit down.
    6.beacease trhey don’t like Punch and Judy People pushing the bathing meshing the coboards and come out of there.
    9. Make sand castles,play tennis and play catch.

  15. 1.The people used trains because the trains are faster

    2.The trains these days are bit old.
    3.The people used to roll up there’s leafs up.

  16. Because steam trains were faster. 1
    They are made by electric power. 2
    They used bathing Machines to get changed in. 3
    There original clothes they just pulled up there pants. 4
    Eat ice cream. 5
    Because it’s old. 6
    With wheels. 7
    Nere the water. 8
    Eat ice cream playing with sand make sandcastles. 9

  17. 1.trains are quiker.
    2.the trains that we Yosemite are electric.
    3.long clouse and trashes
    4.shouts and a shouts setts
    5.Billid sandcastle
    6.beacouse they don’t like it
    7.houses pull it to the water

  18. 1.Because it was the olden days.
    2. The colours.
    3. Black and White.
    By wearing costumes with a hood.
    4. Old clothes.
    5. Sit down some times.
    6. Because they don’t like Punch and Judy.
    7. By people pushing the bathing machines.
    8. In the coboards and come out of there.
    9. Make sandcastles,play tennis and play catch.

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