How have you used the library?

Foleshill Library 

The library is a wonderful place for us to enjoy reading, research and learn. Last half term every class in our school visited the local library and used it to help with our Topic learning. The staff at the library were extremely happy with how you all behaved and commented on your wonderful manners. Well done!

Now that most of us are members of the library it is important that we use it as much as possible to help us learn and gain a love for reading.


Have you used the library since you visited with your class?

How have you used the library?

Which books have you you read?

24 thoughts on “How have you used the library?

  1. I have read the books

    1. I belong to my hindusum
    2. Guru Nanak Dev Ji
    3. Symmetry
    And I have read loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot’s more

  2. I have used the library even after our visit last year. I go after school and on the weekends. I read a lot of books and I use the laptops and also take the books out to take home. I usually read Roald Dahl books or David Williams books.

  3. I have used the library.

    I have used the library by letting the people in the library check my library card so I can have a book.

    The books I have read is dinosaur party, I am sick,yucky mucky manners and the forest night.

  4. I went to the town Library and got a book called Jamal Jealousaurus.

    The Library is huge and we had to use the lift to get to the Library. I had fun.

  5. I went to the library this week.I got a book by Rick Riordan called Percy Jackson and the Greek Gods and a book by Michael Morpurgo called A Medal for Leroy.

  6. We have been to the library since the class trip. We borrow books, we sit and read there and we use the computers while we are there.
    I like to read lots of different types of books. Books about dinosaurs, witches, people, animals and lots more.

  7. I have been in the library since I was little.It is a great local library and children can extend their knowledge by reading some amazing books from amazing authors like Michael Morpurgo. 😂😄😇👌

  8. I love the library I always go when I can.
    I use the library so I can take out books and sometimes do my homework there.
    I read mixed books there.

  9. Have I used the library

    Yes I have visited the library, since our school visit. I go with my mum and dad, I read books there and also take books home by using my library card.

    The books I have taken home are DC marvel comic batman and superman. I am currently reading star wars rebel. It really nice and has lots of action in it.

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