How is chocolate made?

Making chocolate starts with cocoa pods

It All Starts at the Cacao Tree

Cocoa pods on the cacao tree get picked when they are a burgundy brown colour–this is when they are ripe.

Did You Know? Some Cocoa pods are as big as a rugby ball.

Inside the cocoa pod are between 20-50 seeds–this is what we know as cocoa beans, although they taste pretty sour when first picked and nothing like chocolate.

The cocoa beans then go into a box to ferment. Then they are laid out in large trays to dry out in the sun. Then they are sent off to the factories.

Cocoa Beans Arrive At the Factory

Once the beans arrive at the factory, they are sifted to get rid of bits that aren’t wanted (grit, dirt, etc) and are then roasted at a low temperature to bring out the chocolate flavour. The outer shells are now cracked open to leave the cocoa nibs that are inside.

The cocoa nibs are crushed up and ground into a paste. This paste is called cocoa mass. You could melt the paste at this stage and make a chocolate bar, but it would taste really bitter. Melted cocoa mass is called cocoa liquor.

Cocoa Mass & Cocoa Butter

Now, some of our cocoa mass is kept for later, the rest is pressed by a machine which squeezes out the cocoa butter in it. What’s left behind is a pressed powder cake. This is ground up and becomes cocoa powder.

The cocoa mass we kept is now mixed with the cocoa butter and sugar is added. Sometimes other ingredients are added too, such as vanilla flavour and milk.

Stage of chocolate making -

Did you know? The first chocolate bar was created in England in 1847.

The blended chocolate then goes through rollers to improve the texture and make it more smooth.

The final process is called tempering, where chocolate is heated and then cooled. This makes sure the crystal structure in chocolate behaves itself and that chocolate looks nice and shiny when you open the wrapper to your chocolate bar.


Using the text above and what you have learnt in the lesson, explain how chocolate is made. You must use your OWN words. Try to include time words like ‘first’, ‘then’, ‘after that’.

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  1. Chocolate is made of cocoa pods. In the cocoa pods there are seeds. When they are ready to be made, they get turned into chocolate. There are 20-50 seeds in it.

  2. First get the cocoa pods of the tree when they are ready to be ripe.
    Next when the cocoa beans are grown they are sour and not like chocolate.
    Then the cocoa beans are slif to get the dirt out.
    Finally we get the cocoa butter and mix it with the cocoa bean and make chocolate

  3. First,you pick the cocoa bean when it is ripe.
    Secondly,you put the cocoa beans in a box and wait for it to dry.
    Then,you send them to the factory.
    Finally you eat your chocolate.

  4. chocolate is made by cocoa beans
    first you go in a rainforest then you will find a cocoa tree
    so cut it then (i couldnt finish thats it for today)

  5. First,you have to plant a coco seed then water it then put it in the sunlighttogrow big.
    Next,it will grow stem and a leaf.
    Then, it will grow and grow and grow.
    Finally,it growed into a big plant .
    My plant is a every plant.

  6. The cocoa pods grows in south-America. The cocoa pods have different colours. Inside the cocoa pods are 20-50seeds. They grow in a tropical island

  7. First you have to open the pod.
    secondly you have to put the banana in the sun ☀️.
    Third when it’s dryed you give it to the factory.

  8. In a cocoa there is a seed the cocoa it grows and you take it of the tree you put it in the sun and leave it in the sun you send the factory you put it in the fridge Then you can look at it

  9. 1.coca beans grow from trees the trees Love the sun.
    2.inside of the coca beans are Litt we seeds they taste sugre.
    3.we crak the coca bean and pot it in apotto be fresh.
    4.after the 30 minitse we eat the beans they taste fresh.

  10. first it all starts as a tree
    the pods are terd apart so the farmers find cocoa beans.
    after they make the beans brown.
    then the farmers put them in the factory.
    and the workers
    make a drink.

  11. 1.when the pod is brown they can be picked.
    2.then they take the white seed out
    3. They put banana leaves on top of it
    4.they talked of the banana leaves of
    5.theytake to the factory to make the delicious chocolate!!!!!!!!

  12. First you have to pick the cocoa when they are ready.
    Secondly you have to put them on a table and you pick banana leaves and put them on the
    cocoa then leave it in the sun .
    Third you send them to the factory .
    Fourth you put it in the fridge .
    Finally you open your chocolate 🍫

  13. How is chocolate made?
    1. It all starts on a coco tree and is picked when ripe,
    2. leave them in a box for a few weeks.
    3. After a week let them dry.
    Finally eat ordrink the beautiful taste.

  14. It all starts on a cocoa tree.
    1. When it is ripped,we pick it.
    2.Then we put it in a big box and leave it for a few weeks.
    3. After a week let them dry. can make them
    5. Finally you can eat them

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