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How to be Healthy and Hygienic

This week in Science, we are making booklets and iMovies about how to stay healthy and hygienic. So I thought that it might be good for you to make a booklet with your parents too.

I will be giving away a prize for the best booklet made by you at home. Runners up will be given a smaller prize.

You will need to make a booklet, that includes pictures and writing, that explains how to stay fit, healthy and hygienic. You can be as creative as you want but you must have your entry in by 24 May 2018.

These images might give you a bit of inspiration!!!

6 thoughts on “How to be Healthy and Hygienic

  1. Exercise.dount just be healthy you need to do some exerciseing if you don’t do that you will have a head ake for example you will be having a hard time walking on stress . higince. If you are higince you will be amazingly clean but if you’re not higince you will be smelly as sokese.healthy. make sure that you are all ways healthy you can sometimes have chocolate but not a lot and not alote.

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