How to Catch a Star.

The children really enjoyed learning all about the book How to Catch a Star during Reading week. They developed their skills in reading, story telling , listening to other Oliver Jeffers stories, role-playing and creating their own star catchers.

Have a look at our story book and tell us what you think. We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it!


1. The boy tried to lasso the star. How did he do this and what does lasso mean?

2: List the different ways that the boy tried to catch the star?

3: Think really hard and list what other things you could catch apart from a star or a ball. The best answer will get a special learning sticker.

4. How many different words can you write with ‘ar’? 

5. Did the boy really find a star at the end of the story?

6. If you had a dream what would it be?

13 thoughts on “How to Catch a Star.

  1. How to catch a star?

    1) The boy made a lasso, this will allow the boy to catch the star. Lasso means a rope with a circle, you spin it around and try to get the object.

    2) Lasso, Climb a tall ladder, Climb a tall tree, jump on a trampoline, use a rocket, use a fish rode.

    3) Bus, Taxi, Fish, Flu, beanbags, kite, My favourite catch would be getting a Bus.

    4) Car, Bar, Are, Bark, Lark, Ark, Art, Mark, March, Arch, Jar, Far, Dark, Tart, Star, Dart, Mars.

    5) If I had a dream, I would like to be a superhero just like Spiderman and superman. I would like to protect my family and my friends.

  2. This is one of the best blogs I have seen in a while. The children spoke clearly and acted well. The link to the story book was fantastic. This is a quality blog. How brilliant that parents can share in their children’s learning. Well done RD.

  3. I can see you have worked hard to make your video and that you have delved deeply into the book to look at different aspects of it and used your imaginative skills. Well done RD . It is so creative and interesting. Do you think Mrs Dahill would lend RP the book so that we can share the story with each other? We will be careful with it and look after it …

  4. The boy tried to catch the star by lassoing the star but he could not reach the star.He climbed up the biggest tree to get the star but the tree was not tall enough.He tried to catch the star by jumping as high as he could but he still couldn’t reach the star.He waited and waited then he ate lunch then after that he waited some more then he saw a star in the night.When he saw the star he was really amazed with what he saw.Then he found a star in the water then he took it out and took it home.

    The end
    From Lisa Karan.

  5. Different ways the boy tried to get to the star were by jumping,trying to climb a tall tree,travelling in a space rocket and by trying to lasso the star.

  6. Well done RD I really enjoyed watching the video. Make sure you practice reading your book every day and practice your word list. I miss you guys. I will try and pop in one day and would love to hear you read my little super stars. Take care and be safe see you all soon. Love Mrs Begum.

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