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  1. Wow! you have all tried hard and written some great instructions on how to make chapattis. Can you write a list of ingredients for me please?

  2. First wash your hands.
    Then mix together the flour and water.
    After that cook the Chappati on the cooker.
    Next time rold the chapatti.
    Last eat the chaoatti..

  3. First wash your hands.
    Then you need a plate
    After that mix all of the flour and water.
    Than roll it out.
    Next put it in a pan and cook it.
    Finally eat it

  4. First we carefully Wash our own hands.
    Then we mix flower and water.
    After that we rolled the dough.
    Finally we had our Chappati and we ate it , we liked it.

  5. First you mix flour and water.
    Then roll the dough.
    After that cook it on a frying pan.
    Next get it of the frying pan.
    Fiandly eat the chapatti.

  6. First you wash your hands.
    Then you get flower. Flower makes dough.
    After that make the dough flat.
    After a while put it in the oven. When it is in the oven wait for one minuets.
    Finally you can have the chapatti

  7. First wash our hands with soap and water carefully.
    Next put flour,water and milk to make the dough.
    Then mix them and roll into a ball.
    After that cook the dough.
    Finally eat it up mm.

  8. First we wash our hands.
    Then we get some of the sticky dough and roll it with a rolling pin.
    After that we puted the dough on the ring .
    Next we wait intill it is ready .
    Finally we can eat our chappati.

  9. First we wash our hands.🤚
    Next we get flour,water,milk to make dough.
    After that we get a pan and a rolling board.
    And then we roll out the dough.
    Finally we cook the dough.
    And enjoy 😊!

  10. 1.First carefully wash your hands .
    2.After that get a board .
    3.Then put a little bit of flower .
    4.After put some dough on the board .
    5.Next get a rolling pin and roll it .
    6.Finally put it in the pan and fri it .

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