How to succeed in Year 4

The children in Year 4, during their PSHE lessons, have written letters to Year 3 explaining how to be successful in Year 4.

Today was the day to share with the Year 3’s. Watch the video to see how they did.

18 responses to “How to succeed in Year 4”

  1. Sean D.

    I licked it

  2. Sarah T.

    It gave me some points for year 4

    by yumna and sarah

  3. Aman M.

    I was very excited

  4. Mohammed K.

    It was amazing but a little harder

  5. Samantha N.

    This was very exiting

  6. Yusra M.

    I enjoyed it.

  7. Abdulhamid A.

    it was very very interesting to know how to succeed in year 4

  8. Jayveer G.

    That was very fun and amazing.

  9. Chloe J.

    now we know everything about year 4!

  10. Saskia S.

    it was fun but I am nervous to go to year 4.

  11. Princess A.

    It was very fun ,I enjoyed it they asked me losts of questions

  12. Mandy-Joyce M.

    What I learned from the year 4s is that you need to do more work in half an hour.They do the same work as us but it is a bit harder

    1. Mandy-Joyce M.

      from mandy and rayfo

  13. Marvin N.

    That was fun but really hard to do!

  14. Armaan R.

    I enjoyed it because it gave me a real boost in my work and what is going to happen when we’re in year 3

  15. Raumaan A.

    It was amazing

  16. Fatima G.

    that was fun but very hard to be in year 4

  17. Imran N.

    That was fun!

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