We are very proud of you and your achievements Nana.

17 responses to “How wonderful!”

  1. Tana I.

    It 2021 well done nana

  2. Lacey O.

    Well done nana 😜😜

  3. Rifath A.

    Carrie on the hard work

  4. Rahma M.

    Well done nana

  5. Saskia S.

    It was great i loved It the best materil was the tape.
    we plated Iit to make it stronger

    1. Hafsa A.

      Well done nana!

  6. Keisha N.

    well done nana

  7. Umaiyyah A.

    well done Nana

  8. Rayhaan J.

    Well done Nana great effort😝😝😝😝.

  9. Aleem H.

    Well done excellent effort

  10. Reyan M.

    Congrats Nana

  11. Yaw A.

    Well done sister

  12. Zeynab A.

    Well done

  13. Head Teacher

    Just wow, BH pupils set the world alight. Very proud.

  14. Leena N.

    Congrats nana

  15. Zaynab B.

    Great job and effort

  16. Rifat A.

    Well done Nana

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