Year 4-Human development and its impacts

Today, the Orange and Terrific tables went to explore the local environment to see what impact human development has had on it.

This included looking at the traffic, factories, housing, the school, litter and graffiti. We discussed the fact that human development brings with it things that are positive; for instance housing providing people with shelter and warmth, and things that are negative; such as a lack of trees, grassland and habitats for wildlife.

Have a look at our pictures and answer the questions below:

What positive (good) things have come from human impact upon our environment?

What negative (bad) things have come from human impact upon our environment?

Does human impact have an impact on pollution and can you think of any ways to decrease this impact?

3 thoughts on “Year 4-Human development and its impacts

  1. The positive is when humans have made roads and shops and houses for the environment. The negative impact is when humans have littered throughout the streets.

  2. Yes Alisha, and possibly more worrying than the effect on the people that live near to the factories is the effect on the climate and environment. Have you seen the floods that have been happening in the North West of England? Many scientists believe that they are caused by global warming and that this is caused by pollution…

  3. The positive impact that humans have made is they have built houses and roads so people can live in and to drive cars on.
    The negative impact is that they have done gravity on the walls and they have litired on the floor. Car pollution can increased the impact also the polution coming out of the factories. The car pollution and the factory pollution can make the air we breath dirty. This means people and certain animals lungs can get effected.

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