Human Impact

As humans do we have the right to change the natural world?

Bronze: What are the positive and negative impacts of deforestation?

Silver: Compare the positive and negative impacts of deforestation and provide a conclusion about your views (EXPLAIN WHY)

Gold: What are your views on human impact in the world and how can we stabilize and improve our environment?

Before and after deforestation.


Building and estates which are no longer being used.


Natural habitats being destroyed.


Key vocabulary:

Biodiversity     Deforestation     Pollution     Environment    Ecosystem
Impact        Change     destroyed      resources     habitats

20 thoughts on “Human Impact

  1. Lots of good, solid and honest statements about our effect, as human beings, on the natural world. Well done everyone.
    One of the things that really upsets me and makes me feel very sad AND very angry is the amount of rubbish that is thrown into the sea and that ends up on beaches all over the world.Why is there any need to throw rubbish into the environment and create litter anyway?
    Lets make certain that we don’t throw litter in school and that we help Martyn keep our school “spick and span” and really tidy!

  2. Gold
    Deforestation creates less oxygen which also destroys animals habitats and then animals would die because food chains won’t go on.

  3. Destroying the forest is negative impact but picking up litter is positive impact. Lots of people kill most animals and destroy animals habitats and throw litter on the floor . This all negative impact.
    Zaid syed and Sade

  4. All the animals habits have been destroyed because the people in the inviorment are making factorys and houses also making toxic gases that means there are not many animals and kept in the zoo. The animals habitat and trees have destroyed However the people in the inviroment are happy that they have new resources. The animals are passing away because they do not have enough oxygen .

  5. gold
    Our viewpoint on human impact is that the world will become deserted because of deforestation.Also there are good parts of human impact that some people have created buildings and many more.
    The negative impact of deforestation is that habitats are being destroyed like birds and many species however the good impact of deforestation is that we can make houses so people can live in them and building to buy food,clothing and drinks.However the negative side of deforestation is some parts of the world are becoming a wasteland because people are making things but they have becoming destroyed.
    The negative impact is that plants , animals and insects are getting killed.The animals and insects that are getting killed are lady birds,beetles,spiders,birds.
    By Omio,Pranit and Dylan

  6. The positive is that we have chairs,paper and many more.However,animals habitats have been destroyed from deforestation meaning, animals are endangered. Also if you put paper in a recycling bin you can use it again and again.
    Because of pollution, it is causing animals to die and destroying trees meaning we won’t have oxygen also animals won’t have food.

    By Baldeep,Jay and Bukumi

  7. Gold
    We have made many positive and negative impacts towards the environment such as : a negative change would be , in the Amazon , cattle farmers cut down trees causing deforestation which can lead to the extinction of many animals ; rhinos are almost wiped out for good . However a solution to this , is that we currently have research companies living in the forest protecting endangered and vulnerable species . Wrote by Mia osmaan and mihir

  8. Challenge 1
    Houses, shelters, furniture are all positive things.
    Oxygen going away cures species are all negative things.
    Challenge 2
    Houses are to protect us shelters are to stay in furniture is for sleeping and putting things on whereas oxegynis there to help us breathe cures are for people with cancer deadly diseasees and common illnesses species are for living some plants for medicines.

  9. In the industrial place, there are large buildings which are old and there is not many plants. The land would have been built on animals habitats so no animals are dieing they don’t have food or a trees to live and the don’t have oxejunt to help them breath.If they don’t have home they can get instinct that means that they can die. And there family is apart so they can’t see them and also. People build ha ones and lands there’s no many animals in the land .The butterflies and other insects can’t fly anymore beacuse it’s not to hot .if they don’t eat they will be dead .

  10. Bronze

    Positive things
    We get furniture EG tables,cupboards,beds,doors,floors
    We also get paper from wood of trees
    We get more stationary

    Negative things
    We get less oxygen because the trees are getting choped down
    We have less animals because they are dieing
    We have less food
    Bailey Momina Ali summayah

  11. Buildings and estates on longer being used and habitats being destroyed are negative images.

    Pictures of food and medicines from rainforest are positive images.

    Ahsan Uddin, Weil Sharif and Easmina Capatan

  12. Gold:
    I think that the human impact is destroying the enviroment because deforestation is giving us less oxygen. Human impact is not good because deforestation is destroying plants which can provide medicine. If someone had Ebola a plant might give a cure.Pollution would stop people from drinking water which will make them die thirst. Deforestation can kill animals.
    G and T

  13. Bronze
    Deforestation the rainforest was clean and there was no trees were chopped down now the people choped down the trees and they have no food and no habitats.
    Habitats are being destroyed and animaiLs don’t have any home and when the rain forest was clean they were perfectly fine by haris Adam and Areeba

  14. If we chop the trees down we won’t have very many medicens .
    The good thing is furniture and different Medisons .
    The bad thing is the animal will become extinct and distroid.
    The good thing is that they make toilet paper.
    The bad thing is that we will have less oxygen.
    From Nicole Dawrson

  15. SILVER
    The positive impact the humans have made are helping create educational facilities such as:schools,work,college,university and also boarding schools.Two negative impacts of the humans is creating global warming and also litter!

  16. Humans are destroying habitats of the animals like lady birds, fish, cheetah and dragon flies by toxic gas.The good thing they have done is making global warming which helps the climate to keep warm . The people do deforestation so they can make factoies, industry’s which also destroy habitats of the animals.

    Reece and Gautam

  17. The animal can’t live because they cutting the treesand now the forest gone all light with no trees. The forest uestoa be all nice with lovely flowers and trees and lost of animals but now they can’t live. Even some tribe live there so they might not have there’re home. Or medincon from the Trees.

  18. Silver
    One of the negatives are deforestation which is cattle farmers destroying the animals habitats such as the Amazon rainforest. However, all of these trees that have been cut down, are used for resources and stationary such as paper, rulers,pencils and many more.

    Ahlam, Shabnam and Tiya

  19. The positive thing about cutting the trees down is that we get more stationery,furniture,land and objects.The negative thing about cutting the trees down is that the animals wouldn’t have any food,homes or oxygen left so they might not survive.And the tribes might live on one side so they can’t hunt.the animal family could be on one side and on the other side could be part of the family.the animals won’t survive and they will become extinct,that is called deforistation.the human impact is helping the humans live but not the animals.the positive thing is that we have more obdjects but the animals have less things such as oxygen,homes there food and there family.the environment in the rainforest is not good because it is not clean.

    By Anton Mohamed’s and Hasan

  20. A negative sign means deforestation and destroying animals habitat because people are destroying everything to make buildings and farming.
    Positive means that people are caring for the animals and nature because they are not destroying the environment.

    By Safiya Hanaan Oliwia.

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