Hygiene in Reception Red

During Health week the children in Reception learnt all about the importance of washing their hands and what happens if they don’t. They had a visit from the dental nurse and they also participated in sports to keep their bodies fit and healthy.

Look at the video below about our week:

We also enjoyed singing the germ song.

Why is it important to wash our hands?

Write a set of instructions using First, Then, Next and Finally on how to wash our hands.

Draw a pictures of a super germ hero and how he/she would get rid of germs.

3 thoughts on “Hygiene in Reception Red

  1. We wash our hands with soap and water to stop spreading germs and dry with a clean towel if we don’t the germs will go everywhere

  2. It is important to wash your hands so you don’t get germs.
    First we put water.
    Then we put soap.
    Next we wash and rub our hands.
    Finally you dry your hands.

  3. It is important to wash our hands so we do not spread germs.
    First we turn the tap on,
    Then you put soap on your hands,
    Next we rub our hands together with soap and water,
    Finally we get a towel and dry our hands.

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