I am a Presenter

Year 3 have been busy in ICT lessons over the past few weeks presenting information in different ways using the ipads. Β We have used Book Creator and made imovies to present our research on the Romans and show how they influenced life in Britain.

Can you evaluate your presentations by answering the following questions?

What was your role in the group?

What was particularly good about your presentation?

Could you have done anything better?

Look at your imovie-are there any effects you could have used to improve it?

Give your Book Creator and Imovie marks out of 5


28 thoughts on “I am a Presenter

  1. My presentation is fantastic and i have included a lot of information.Also,i have added a picture and created effects.
    i made it eye-catchy.However,i could have included more pictures.

  2. My role was as a Roman.
    It had lot of good adjectives.
    Yes but more verbs in it.
    Yes we should but more effects.
    I will but 5 stars.

  3. My role was as a Roman.
    It had lot of good adjectives.
    Yes but more verbs in it.
    Yes we should but more effects.
    I will but 5 stars.

  4. 1. What was the role in your group
    We were learning about Romans and answering the text about Romans
    What was particularly good about your presentation
    I put lots of presentation in my work about Romans live in Italy they have baths together in a hot or cold swimming pool
    3. Could you have done something better
    I could have done more better sentences to improve my handwriting in my presentation
    4.look at your iMovie are there any effects
    My Roman presentation is all about Romans and other things I could do in my learning to make my handwriting better

  5. 1. Habiba did the desgin for fact file I was the writer
    2.It was all about Roman soldiers.
    3.more facts
    4.more effects

  6. 1.Hanna and me were doing facts about Roman soldiers and we added pictures with it on iMovie and book creater.
    2. Me and Hanna did good facts.
    3.we could do more interesting facts and more interesting pictures.
    4.we could inprove our facts.
    We think 3 or 4.
    From hanna Abbas and me

  7. My role in the group was to find not to much of picture.make a good music.do some non-fiction writing and write a repot and write sudheading and a heading.

  8. 1.My role was writing down the information and my partner is Zaynab role was to write to researc the Information and to write on a white board so I don’t spell it wrong.

  9. 1.Facts and music my partners was sound effects and the voice recording.
    2.music facts oh and pictures.
    3.yes I could have done effects if I rememberd to.
    4.its as fine now it’s very smart.
    iMovie I give that a 4
    Book creator I give a 5

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