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  1. The most interesting thing about the ebook was that the artwork really helped me and it was anice thing to look at.I learnt about how it spread in more detail than before..The Mayor of London wiped out cats and dogs because he thought that was the problem.(That is a fact).

  2. This half term I have learnt about the black death is that it was a disease.The Black death effected a lot of people.The thing that I found out about the black death was that people that time tried a lot of things do not get the disease,for an example they put red crosses on there door,they use to do the lords prayer so they did lots of things not get the disease.

  3. The most fascinating thing about the black death was the dates and the amount of times it happened. The eBook had a range of different information about the black death.

  4. Thos half term I have learnt that the Black Death was a disease.i also learnt that the plague epidemic swept through Europe from 1348 through 1351, killing an estimated 25–60% of Europeans. i learnt that the Black Death is widely thought to have been an out break of bubonic plague caused by bacteria carried by fleas that lived on black rats. The rodents spread the plague from china to europe and it hit Britain in 1348.
    Though out the lessons I used my thinking,desition making,creative and
    Team work skills.🌞👊

  5. The most fascinating thing I have learned is the Black Death had it good effect to because London was overpopulated but when the Black Death arrived it made London was not that popular and it made people leave. I love the ebook it so good.

  6. Firstly I think the enoki was awsome and very educating. Secondly the most fascinating thing I learnt about was one of the symptoms and cures.in the symptoms I was shoked about the huge orange sized buboes.in the cures I was very surprised about having to drink urine.

  7. This term i learnt that the Black Death was a terrible disease and that the symptoms are very serious. One of the symptoms was buboes. Sometimes that word is hard to spell because sometimes i spell it like bubo. So thats why at home i practise it.
    Also i like the ebook, it had interesting facts.
    Well done to the people that helped and had a role in the video

  8. This half term I’ve learned that the Black Death was a disses. Also it happened twice in England. Another fact is the Black Death was a punishment for the bad people

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