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I remember when…

This week we have been looking at different sources of information and the structure of biographies. We have been studying our favourite authors and the key events that have occurred in their lifetime.

This inspired us to reflect and think about what key events we can remember from our younger years. What could we include in our autobiographies? We were able to order our own key events chronologically and create a timeline.

Can you tell me three key events that occurred in your authors lifetime?

7 thoughts on “I remember when…

  1. jk rowling publushed her first book at the age of 6.
    Her book seies harry potter has made 7 books.
    Her most famous book harry potter and the philosopher’s stone sold 500 million copies.

  2. R.L Stine’s key events:

    1. He found an old typewriter and started writing joke books on it
    2. He made a magazine called “bananas”
    3. He then made the “Goosebumps” series in 1992

  3. Terry Deary’s key events:

    1. Terry starts his career when he joins a Theatre.

    2. When he became a professional writer.

    3. When his series of Horrible Histories books had turned into a popular tv.


  4. Jeff Kinneys key events:
    1.Jeff Kinney started college at Villanova on an ROTC Scholarship.
    2.He graduated college
    3.He moved to New England

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