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Ice Age 6? 6 Red SOLE

Year 6 had a huge challenge this week to debate ”despite global warming, could there be another ice age?” Fantastic teamwork and enquiry skills have produced this informative video. What do you think?

11 responses to “Ice Age 6? 6 Red SOLE”

  1. Murtaza A.

    SOLE group was so fun as we worked as a team and worked hard.We used teamwork and communication skills to get through the activity.The group was me,Armaan,Julia,Asia,Malaikah and Naly.Our goal was to decide whether there would be another ice age based on research and facts.I had a great week and I can really thank Mr Patel,Ms Kaur and Mrs Hurt as they let us have a splendid week!😜😜

  2. Armaan K.

    SOLE was amazing – I was so happy to be part of the group, not just me but my team was the best we all did an amazing job and made some fantastic posters…

    My group was Me (Armaan), Naly, Malaikah, Asia, Murtaza and Julia

  3. Asia A.

    SOLE group’s question was ” despite global warming could there be a another ice age.”SOLE group was so fun and a very good experience because eventually when we get a job ,we will need to have teamwork,participating, dedication skills to work as a team. We learnt some many fun facts about each polar region in class.But we used that knowledge and also created a amazing SOLE challenge.
    Thank you to all the teachers that helped us along the way.And we have made lots of progress along the way.So THANK YOU❤️❤️

  4. Faiz I.

    Well done sole a lot of sweat and time went into the project and it has all payed of🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇

  5. Mrs Hurt

    I learnt from my mistake (with a little help from Shaun!) – I now know how to do it properly!

  6. Mr Patel

    This is great! Well done!

  7. Malaikah H.

    SOLE Group was FANTASTIC!!!
    Our key question was:Despite Global Warming,could there be another Ice Age?
    Me,Asia,Julia,Murtaza,Naly and Armaan worked really well upon the work we produced and the communication we spoke through.By the end of the week we created two posters (Ice Age and Global Warming/Climate Change) and a BRILLIANT IMovie which showcased cool transitions and our key question being answered.Sadly,we couldn’t present our findings to the class but that didn’t stop us from having a good week :)

    Thank you Miss Hurt,Mr Patel & Miss Kaur for a super week! :)

    1. Mrs Hurt

      You were FANTASTIC too, Malaikah – keep on working as you are currently – you are making fantastic progress!

  8. Julia K.

    I am unable to see the video because it keeps saying that the video is unavailable as it is apparently a duplicate of another YouTube video

    1. Mrs Hurt

      Try again now!

  9. Luxor A.

    Well done Asia and friends.

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