Ice Balloons

Hello Year 2!

Yesterday in Literacy we all had an Ice Balloon. We were looking closely at the ice and describing how it looked and felt.

With these words we created a word bank to help us with our writing this week.

Who can remember some of the words we used to describe the Ice?

What did we add to the Ice Balloon, and what happened?

How do you think this word bank will help you with your writing this week?


Use the pictures below to help you.

3 thoughts on “Ice Balloons

  1. Frozen . Cold , frosty , watree , melt , slippery , transparent, soft , .
    To the ice we. Put. Water salt it went. Ruff
    It will make. It. Better

  2. When we toch the ice balloons it felt frost and cold also a little bit soft and the ice balloons are frezing cold.Also we put solt and the water went inside the ice balloons and when we put water on it that how the water went inside.

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