Ice Skating Trip – Monday 6th December

Well done for the girls who were chosen to attend the Ice Skating.

This will take place in the school day and the children will be back by 3pm.

The children will be walking to Coventry Cathedral where the outdoor ice skating rink is located.

Please wear school uniform and we need to make sure we wear warm clothing and appropriate footwear to walk into town. A hat, scarf and gloves is recommended. You may also wear jogging bottoms or something similar.

For the girls who did not get chosen, well done for entering. I have special prize for you all for entering so don’t be to disappointed.

Have fun!

Mr Patel


  1. I’m so excited.By the way Mrs Hurt said that we have to wear our P.E kits and on this blog it says we have to wear school uniform.Which one do we wear?

  2. I’m so excited for the ice skating I’m also a bit nervous because I never been ice skating and for the people who lost I feel sad for them

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