ICT Club-Week 1

Typing testImage result for computer clip

  1. To start off our first session the children were asked to turn the computer on from the system unit.
  2. Our next challenge was unlocking the PC, by pressing CTRL, ALT and DEL it allowed us to log in.
  3. After that, we were very confident when accessing the Broad Heath blog to find Purple Mash.
  4. Finally, using the search bar on Purple Mash we had to find the typing test.

Miss Harrison-Brandon and Miss Jackson set us a speed challenge, we had to spell out as many words as we could using the keyboard correctly. Below are the results of our top-typers!

Name Top score
Ravi 374
Aayan 316
Saanvi 241
Abdullah 206
Yousef 175
Christie  174
Shabaz 100
Laylah 100


All of the other members scored between 20-50.

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