ICT Games Week2

This week we will be comparing two similar apps to one another.

Bee Bots vs A.L.E.X

After you have played both apps we would like you to think about:

  1. Which app did you prefer and why?
  2. What was different about the apps?
  3. What do the apps have in common?
  4. Give each app a rating:

23 thoughts on “ICT Games Week2

  1. Bee bot is average
    Alex is fairly good
    They are both very challenging but Alex is a bit better because the older people play Alex and the little people play bee bot.

  2. 1. I preferre bee bot because it was kind of easy.
    2. The difference is that they are played differently and also have different backgrounds.
    3.The comman thing is that they are games and set for children.
    4. The games were excellent.

  3. This is a very good game because you have to get to the end of the track.The game is not esay but if you put a lot of gessing and you need to know your left and right.

  4. 1.I prefer alex because you can unlock new skins to play with.
    2.Bee bot is controling a bee but alex is controling a robot man.
    3.They both are thinking games.
    I think both very good.

  5. there the same game with the same goal it is just the different ways they show the game.e.g different characters. i think bee bot is good because it is colourful and bright whereas alex is average because it is dull.

  6. I prefer Bee bots because it helped me learn my left and right. I rate bee bots excellent and rate ALEX is poor because it’s boring.

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