ICT Games Week3

Last week we recognised and developed our sense of direction and positioning when playing Bee-Bots and A.L.E.X.

In today session we will be discovering games that help you with your hand eye co-ordination skills.

What is co-ordination?

Co-ordination is the skill and ability to move correctly when needed.

It is your job to test out games and to find out which games help you with your co-ordination.

gif 1

gif 2

Have fun and don’t forget to blog the games you found!

21 thoughts on “ICT Games Week3

  1. my favourite game is temple run because you need a lot of skills to win the game and you get lots of powerups and when you die you can come back alive.

  2. I would be terrible at this has my hand eye coordination, in deed my leg coordination is not good. I know my BH pupils will be brilliant!

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