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Identifying exciting words

In our English lessons, we have been looking at the adventure story Jumanji. Children have been able to identify how the author is able to build excitement in the story. Watch the video to see what we’ve been up to!


How else did the author make the writing interesting?

Who do you think the target audience of Jumanji could be?

9 thoughts on “Identifying exciting words

  1. The author could use a bit more detailed words and adjectives to paint a picture in the readers head.

    It makes me feel scared and sometimes I jump when it gets frightening.

  2. The author made the writing interesting by using short sentences and did not put to much detail in it.
    Maybe it should be abit more scary.Maybe the lion eat peter and peter called his dad and his mum to rescue him.

  3. 1. The author made the writing interesting because peter was scared of the lion on the piano played the game and animals game so that’s why the author used good words to write the writing and made it more nice so people can read it and people write stories because some children can read.

    2.The audice of jumanji could be a famous person because the story of humankind is scary and the author could special.

  4. 1. The author made the writing interesting by using powerful words that makes the reader to read on. The author used adjectives that described Judy, Peter and the animals.

    2. The target audience was for young children, but the story looked like it was in the aged ( another word for old) years.

  5. 1. The author used multi clause sentences he also used single clause sentences. He even used interesting words

    2.I think jumanji is for 13 – 18 years old . I think that because it is like a horrifying story. It is scary because it has scary animals in it.

    Zubeyr and Shahzaib

  6. 1.The author made the writing interesting because he used the fascinating words and he used synonymous and adjectives to make the story scary or helpful to help people read it and say it looks good and there’s exciting words that the author used so that the story is good .

    2.Maybe it might be scary and ancient because the story jumanji was along time ago in the 80’s.The audice of jumanjli could be scary and horrifying because in the story there was an lion on top of the piano and Peter was shocked ,horrified and Peter couldn’t take it any more so he called Judy to stop playing the game but they still had to play it.

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