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Incomplete homework to be completed by 2020!

Well done to all those who have completed their homework tasks, there are a few children who have a few more tasks to complete. Please spare some time in your holidays to complete this so we can start the new year with a fresh slate and no incomplete homework.

Note to parents/carers; homework is a part of the home-school contract and should be monitored to ensure your children are gaining. (Incomplete homework)

2016 KS2 paper:
Amelia, Ayaan, Ayeza, Azan, Farhaan, Humzah, Ianis, Jessica, Omar B, Saif, Sofia, Suardo, Uzair and Yahya

Formal & Informal:
Ayaan, Ayeza, Azan, Eshaal, Ianis, Jessicah, Omar B, Saif, Sofia, Suardo and Uzair

Amelia, Azan, Ayeza, Humzah, Ianis, Qasim, Saif, Sofia, Suardo

Everyone else, two new tasks have been set for you to complete over the next 17 days
* Synonyms & Antonyms (10 questions)
* Grammar A

Less than 5 tasks: Khadija, Maria, Qasim, Eshaal, Aliko, Rahma, Kinzah
Between 6-10 tasks: Yahya, Amelia, Farhaan, Jessica, Anora, Haya, Sofia
Between 11- 20 tasks: Omar B, Humzah, Gerry
20 plus tasks: Ianis, Ayaan, Saif, Suardo, Azan, Uzair, Ayeza

Remember all the tasks are on subjects you have been taught this half term. If you struggle use BBC bitesize or ask questions below. Goodluck, look forward to seeing you all focused and ready to gain.

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