Independent Projects in 4 Red

Watch the following videos which were independently  created by children. Big well done to Zaynab Bibi, Naly, Sana and Fathiya for sharing their learning in science and topic this half term.

4 Red please share what you have learnt  this half term in topic and science.



13 thoughts on “Independent Projects in 4 Red

  1. In science I learnt that human actions might lead to deforestation and that will destroy animal habitats.
    In topic I learnt that Mexico has a volcano and how it erupts.

  2. What I have learnt in science is that if you litter rubbish in the ocean they will destroy the fish or animals that are living in the ocean
    What I have learnt in topic is that we have sewed sombrero hats

  3. Loved the presentations and the confidence. Can you spot a couple of spelling errors? This is great independent work, so proud of you!

  4. I learned about that in Mexcio is a country that is amazing like one of the celebration day of the dead.
    And the river Rio de grande and we had a fantastic, amazing and brilliant Mexico day.
    Human impact is some people throw their waste ear the water and that goes to the coral reef and destroys the fish and other animals habitat.
    It has been a wonderful half term

  5. I learnt that if you destroy a habibat they will not destroy there habibat or they won’t have any where to live .
    Volcano have a vent i learnt Mexican people they love art.

  6. Something that I learned in science was that there was something called Food Chains I learned about consumers producers preys and animals.
    Something I learned in topic was that Pico De Orizba is the biggest mountain in Mexico😀😀😀😀😬😬😀

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