Individual Liberty

Individual Liberty
The armed forces help us to exercise our rightsand freedoms as citizens by protecting the UK.
They can also provide help in times of crisis,such as testing, supplying food and clothing or keeping our homes safe. Can you give me some examples of what they have done in the last year to support the UK?

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  1. In the last year I have put all my liter in the bin and recycle all bottle and I have been going to the back field and putting rubbish in a spot and playing

  2. 3 Blue have discussed this as a class. We have looked at who the armed forces and discussed why as a country we need them. Over the past year the armed forces have:
    During Coronavirus they helped to test individuals,
    help with vaccinations for Coronavirus,
    provided support to individual communities (such as food parcels and knocking on doors to raise awareness),
    help with flooded areas,
    and have also carried out normal duties to keep the country safe from terrorism and other threats.

  3. They helped to distribute medical supplies and food parcels. Helping to explain lockdown rules to people. They have helped to vaccinate people. They gave the NHS masks and other PPE. They helped care for the elderly and also ensured that the testing centres were staffed. We are very grateful for the services of the armed forces during the pandemic.
    – 3 Red

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