British Values

Individual Liberty

In this country we can choose lots of things. For example: you can choose the clothes you wear, the food you eat and the things you drink but to name in a few. Can you tell me the last time you were able to make a choice and why you chose what you did.?

14 thoughts on “Individual Liberty

  1. I had a choice of watching Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom or have a Jurassic world toy (for my Eid gift). I chose the film because it wouldn’t make sense of not watching the film and just already getting the merchandise.

  2. A choice I had to make was how much money to spend for our five challenge. It was either spend more or spend less! Our group chose more!💷

  3. A choice that I remember having to choose between was wether to have Nando’s for an event I don’t remember or watch black panther in cinemas. I chose Nando’s .

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