Individual liberty

 We are often able to choose how we interact with others during mealtimes, we can talk, read, or sit quietly. It’s important to consider those around us too. Is it a good time to talk, if others have had a bad day or want to chat? Why is it important that we are quiet at lunchtimes?

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  1. It is important to be quiet at lunch times because imagine if someone chokes then it will be a dangerous situation.Another reason is that if someone is having a bad day such as the dinner ladies and they ask us to be quiet then we should be quiet.

  2. We should be quite at lunch times because it could effect people’s lunch times.Also if we talk at lunch and you have food in your mouth you may choke also you should talk outside.


  3. It is important that we are quiet at lunch as if we talk at lunch and you have food in your mouth you may choke also a good place to talk is outside .

  4. I think we should be quiet during lunchtimes when told as the teachers have things to say but can’t say it as it is to loud.
    I think we should be allowed to speak in the dinner hall but we should talk at a moderate level.
    It is good to talk to someone who is having a bad day so you can help them with the problem if they do not want to talk about it then you can just cheer them up and make them fell better.

  5. I think that people should speak to the teachers if they have a bad day because then they know what’s gone wrong and if someone want to say something in private then they might have a chance instead of just crying and people make fun of them .In my opinion I think that people who are having a bad day there is something but like something that has affected them and talk to people in the morning I’m grumpy because sometimes there are siblings might have done something wrong but that still doesn’t mean that you can stick up for yourselves done people should people have a right to say something like just stop following me or don’t do that etc

    From Fatima 🦄👍🏻🤩🤩🌷
    Have a great day don’t forget to stay strong

  6. It’s good to talk to someone who is having a bad day because you might be able to cheer them up and make them laugh. I think it’s good to talk to someone at lunch time because if you’re staying in at break/lunch then you can’t talk to them but if you don’t talk when you are having lunch you can get outside faster and you can also get a longer lunch then the people who are talking.

  7. I will quicker at eating at lunchtime so then I will be able to have a lot more playtime outside and that I will be able to not make others sad if there are already sad.

  8. We should not talk while we are eating because if we do talk while we talk we might accidentally spit on someone’s food without you even realising because you could hardly even see it

  9. I think you should be quiet at lunchtime because the dinner lady’s are going to have an annoying time by shouting at people to be quiet and people might get frustrated of all the noise made in the hall

  10. I think we want to be quiet at lunchtimes because then we can eat our lunch quickly and if someone has a head ache or something like that then we can be quiet to not make it worse.

  11. It is important that we be quiet during lunch times because if someone has had a bad day and we talk to them and we say something that has reminded them about the bad thing that they are sad

  12. I think it’s a good idea 💡 to chat 💭 to someone who’s having a bad day because they can share what has made them have a bad day so we can make the day even better by solving the dilemma.I don’t think it’s important to chat at lunch times because it’s bad manners to chew with your mouth full and it’s just bad manners anyway.

    By Malaïkah😇🐼

  13. We should not talk at lunchtime because we could choke and it would become are fault because we aren’t listening to the grown ups yesterday I saw us talking and the dinner ladies said shh severeal times after we listened

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