Inference homework (Sum1, week1)

Below are images of fantasy lands. Use your inference skills to empathise with the characters.

fantasy worlds. jpg Levitating Rockland

fantasy worlds image Fantasy lane

Write captivating vocabulary and phrases which describe the characters feelings within this image. Explain your choice of vocabulary. (Use a thesaurus)
I think the character would feel… as….

Explain how the character within this setting might feel? Explain why?

Write a first person explanation about your feelings within this setting.
(Remember to explain why you feel the way you do)

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  1. Silver

    The levitating rock is floating in
    the big blue sky. In one kingdom lives a
    king and in the other kingdom lives a queen
    but they a both live on the same rock.
    They had a fight and do not live together
    anymore.So the king send its knight to steal something so
    he can get the queen back so they steal the dragons
    property. But the dragon runs after the knights. When the dragon gets tow to the two kingdoms he starts flying around and around to make them dizzy so he can start breathing hot,hot,hot fire to burn the kingdom so they never take my property again.The knights gave his property back.

  2. I think the character is feeling interesting and peaceful because it has green grass ,stoned floor,it is sunset ,it has mountains and springy and bouncy mushrooms.

  3. Gold:
    If I was in the fantasy lane I would feel inquisitive or a bit amazed because I don’t know why there are mushrooms hanging above me and I would also feel surprised because there are giant mushrooms and giant talking flowers behind me and next to me. I will also feel like I am in a dream because I can see purple trees in the river and strange mountains. I would feel strange because the sky is red just like a volcano eruption has recently happened above the clouds.

  4. 2.the character might feel curious because there are talking flowers in her face and And I might felling curious I want to now what is at the end of the surprising cave.

  5. Silver
    1.I think the character would feel petrified as there is a blood curdling dragon coming nearer and nearer because there is this petrifieing dragon next to this mysterious castle .
    2. I think the charecters would feel inquizetive as there are flowers with faces and can talk and he doesn’t know what is in the other end.

  6. I feel excited, ecstatic, amazed and overwhelmed as my eyes immediately caught a mushroom that was the same hight as me. Once again I felt astonished of the gold path leading to a wonderful land. After that, I looked closer to the mushroom and found out that it was a house!

  7. My eyes scan my surroudings as I arrive upon this bizzare land. The sunset went down like an angel descedning from the sky. Exhilarated, I stroll accross the rocky road sensing the sweet aromas and smells. My eyes immediately caught colossal mushrooms that was as big as me, as I looked closer the mushroom was actually discovered to be a house. Curiously, I crept towards the house to see what was inside…

    In the fantasy setting,levitating Rockland I think the characters might have felt inquisitive because there is a dragon there for no reason and the people don’t know what is going on.

  9. Silver
    In the rockland i would feel inqizative as there is a floating rock and a fierce dragon.on the fantsay lane i would feel excited because i do not know what will happen .

  10. Gold:
    I would feel really jumpy and curious about this colourful land and path and I would want to see what is in the other end,however,it could be a majore risk,and it could kill me.In that fantasy land nothing is as it seems.

  11. I think the character would feel confused and inquisitive because the character is now in a world with gigantic mushroom houses and there’s even talking flowers asking the character what are you doing here.

  12. bronze

    the setting is really scary I think the people there are scared and frightened and are confused and think the levitating rockland is breking in to pieces

  13. Gold challenge
    I would feel excited and eager to find out what is lurking at the end of the path also I would feel puzzled because how is a mushroom the same height as me and how you can live in them too. I would feel extraordinary that flowers can talk to you and also be colourful and vibrant at the same time!!!!

  14. Gold challenge
    I would feel petrified not only there is a dragon but there it a levitating rock. I would be terrified because there is a blood curing dragon pouncing on the houses constantly coming near and near and near. If I was in that experience I would be curious on why the dragon is trying to kill people as if someone took the dragons property.

  15. Silver

    The character might inquisitive of where he’s going to go and is interested in the sky he might be feeling like this it land floating in the sky.

  16. As the rocky ground levitated beneath me, anxious and felling startled that the ground would swallow me alive.As I saw the vast castle I knew this would give me an opportunity to hide from the bloodcurdling light red coulered dragon.The only light i could see was from the moon flickering like a human digesting there food not with water but with fire bursting out the frightning dragan.

  17. gold

    I am really frighted today but also confused,because I got invited to a flying island guarded by a flying dragon I don’t know if I should go.

  18. Silver Alice and the wonder land
    The character is feeling how I got there and who brought me there. The character might be curious what is this place and it beautiful but why I’m here. The character is feeling nervous because it is a enormous place and she might get lost and then she won’t now how to get back the character doesn’t now if this is a peaceful place or if it is a dangerous place.That’s why this is a Fantcy story.

  19. bronze:In Fantasy Lane the characters would feel as ccheerfull as a kocaburra.
    In Levitating Rockland the characters would feel as as petrified as an incect.

    The characters in Fantasy Lane wuold feel cherfull because it is imaginative and beautiful as well as magestic.
    The charaters in Levitating Rockland would feel petrified because it is really scary with dargons and sharks.

  20. I am feeling curious because I want to see what this path leads to.I am wondering how these mushrooms are the same size as me and why there are people living in them!I don`t think this path will lead me to anywhere dangerous because usually, the paths that lead to somewhere petrifying, they are pitch black and spine-chilling.

  21. Bronze-( Fantasy Land )

    The character may feel excited or curious because on one hand she/he may feel like I want to explore but on the other hand
    she/he may feel like should I or should I not.


    The character will feel more excited as it’s never seen anything like this.


    I am feeling excited but curious at the same time because I don’t know if this is a trick or not. I feeling more excited because I’ve never seen anything like this it’s like dream world.

  22. Silver fantasy land

    The characters might be feeling shocked
    becuase they never seen such a thing that
    has happened they long mushrooms and
    the sky is orange. On the mushrooms they
    have yellow circle and blue trees.

  23. I am feeling very curious about when the dragon was angry because someone maybe took his eggs and mad him mad.As a result,he blow fire on the civilians and it made me sad seeing the civilians die and on fire right before my eyes and I cried.

  24. Gold
    for levitating rockland I would be felling horrified because there is a dragon breathing out fire and it mite burn me and me and my family and me will be separated and I wil be on a different land looking for food.

  25. 1. I would feel petrified because there is a dragon attacking my house and people are running away because their homes are being burned down by the blood curring dragon.I think that the dragon is frustrated and angry because some of the people might have stolen the dragon’s property such as his eggs.

    2. I would be feeling inquisitive and very tranquil because there is nothing terrifying to worry about and I would also be amazed because there are mushrooms with people living in them and trees with faces on their furry bushes,but most of all the golden brick road in front of me seeming endless.

  26. I think the Harry Potter would feel shocked and at the same time he is nervous.he is shocked because it is a castle and it is his first time going in to a castle . He is nervous because it is a gigantic castle and he is scared he might get lost.
    Silver Challenge
    From Hanna Khan

  27. silver challenge:
    I am writing about the second picture.

    I think the character in Fantasy lane might be puzzled and confused because she might not know where she stepped into and she might be terrified.Also,she might be thinking that the place looks nice but she might think that she might get lost or she might meet some weird looking people.

  28. Silver.
    The dragon is flying angrily because he wants to destroy the pepole.
    the charecter in the story is feeling angtey because there are afrade of the dragon

  29. Gold
    For levitating Rock land I would be feeling petrified and horrified because if I were there I would have been screaming my head of because there’s a fire breathing dragon breathing fire all over the city I think this because if the dragons breathing fire all over the city some of the people must have upset the dragon.

    For fantasy lane if I were there I would have been feeling inquisitive and peaceful because there’s nothing to worrie about so if I were there I would make myself a comfy bed and go to sleep.

  30. Gold

    Levitating Rock land
    If I was up there I would fell eerie, trembling in fear at this peculiar sight,not trying to look down at half the land glared at the land. Almost touching the white, fluffy clouds I wouldn’t dare to go back to my house,as it might cling onto the land closer. Because the deadly, ghastly dragon was in front of me, I wouldn’t try to run as it would be too dangerous. In order to save my life, I would stay in the middle, unless it was already cracked to pieces.

    Fantasy lane
    I was standing on top of the sparkly,imagnitive setting I would feel amazed, astatic at the sight as it’s beautiful , unrealistic,and dreamlike. As I stood onto the brown, sprarkling bridge I would fell uplifted at its creativeness.
    Just looking at the misty, hazy sunset , I would feel relaxed and suprised.

  31. Levitating Rockland
    If I was is this mythical setting I would feel a little spooked because I never saw the earth floating to hell. On the other hand I would like to explore what was is this grotesque castle. However even if I was brave, I could of not entered because two gargantuan dragons protecting the castle like guards.

    Fantasy lane
    If I was in this elegant setting I would feel amazed because there were flower which had faces on them. Also the lanky mushrooms had windows and doors on them. So in this setting I would of asked my self rhetorical question.

  32. Gold

    For levitating rock land if I was there I would feel frowned because of this Dragon flying around the city.And I would be extremely petrified because the dragon might blow fire on you.

  33. Gold
    For Levitating Rockland I would feel terrified horror-struck scared because there is a dragon and trying to raid our city and if he does we will be terrified and we don’t know what is underneath it could be water or hard ground we don’t know.Also the city move like the clouds and we have advantage to escape from evil ugly dragon.

  34. Bronze chalanage

    I think that the chacters are feeling happy and interested that why is the mushrooms so big.{fantasy lane}and the character in Levitating rockland would feel that anxious and horrified that hy is this piece of land been picked up and they might be curious about were they tacking the pice of land to and they migh start screaming and hide into places wich no one ever has none in their life.They also be shocked that there’s A DRAGON IN THE PLACE around them so they might also want to do is pack any thing they need aspeatially important to the so that they could dve away fly away as you think I meen fly away behind the dragon and you could of camaflarge into.

    Done by lyba and hasnain

  35. 1.for the levitating rockland i would feel frightend and unhappy because there is a horrible ugly scary dragon eating my house .
    I also would feel curious because the dragon has wings and it might take us away

  36. Bronze:

    I think the character would feel really amazed because the rock don’t normally fly whereas these magical rocks fly up so high that you can’t imagine.


    I think Alice in the wonderland might feel amazed because when she normally sees mushroom and flower they normally be really small and still whereas these mushroom and flowers are huge and the flowers talk.


    My feelings in this settings would be amazed, exited. Frightened, enjoyable, ecstatic, contented, exuberant and joyful because I had never seen massive magical mushrooms and talking flowers and I had never seen magical flying rock everywhere.

  37. Gold
    For Levitating Rockland if I was there is would be felling terrified because there is a deadly dragon in my island and I would be feeling vexed because he is not just destroying my city his is also Destroying my house and separating me and my friends because of the fire.I would also feel inquisitive because I would like to explore the palace and the different places.

  38. For Levitating Rockland if I was there I would be feeling petrified and curious because I would be scared if the dragon blows fire on the colossal palace.Also I would be feeling curious because I would like to go inside the vast palace and I would like to see what will be happening in the sizeable palace.

    For Fantasy Lane if I was there I would be feeling restful because in the setting the hot warming sun is out in the setting and there is a slim path to walk on. The lake is as slim as a narrow,small lake.

  39. silver challenge

    I am describing the first setting.

    I think the Harry Potter would feel shocked and at the same time he is nervous.he is shocked because it is a castle and it is his first time going in to a castle . He is nervous because it is a gigantic castle and he is scared he might get lost.

    Bronze challenge
    as harry stared at the wonderful castle , he was wondering what was inside.

    Gold challenge
    I am feeling nervous because i donot know if the teachers are strice bur i know Hagrid is kind.

  40. 1. The person in he first picture must be hesitated because there is a dragon around their castle. I think this because they might think the dragon is trying to raid there castle
    2. The person in the second picture must of felt shocked because they dont know what place there in. I think this because the place were the character just arrived isn’t a normal place.

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