I was lucky enough to work with the children in 3 Red today.  They worked together in groups, pairs and individually to help create information for the current Year 2 children.  They used a range of techniques to showcase their information.

Please watch the clips and take a look at the information below.


18 responses to “Information for Year 2 by 3 Red”

  1. Lakeysha M.

    For Mrs kaurs challenge it was wrong.
    We do reasoning

  2. Lakeysha M.

    I loved giving advice to year 2.
    Hope they’re confident because in year 3 there’s a lot of hard work to do.

    We do role play.

  3. Musa A.

    I loved giving advice to year 2 it was so much fun.

  4. Musa A.

    -practical work and reasoning(word problems/investigations)

  5. Adam S.

    We do reasoning first

  6. Reyyan M.

    It was amazing.

  7. Riqbah Z.

    Really good and good work

  8. Abinash N.

    Mrs Kaur I think it’s reasoning.

  9. Oliwier J.

    I hope I helped the year 2 children so they can learn to be a good role model.

  10. Zavian K.

    It was fun because we did posters leaflets and this

  11. Haniah T.

    l told year 2 about the trips

  12. Harun O.

    Sorry I made a mistake

    This is the correct working out

    549-326= 223


    1. Head Teacher

      wow- well done for spotting your error!

    2. Mrs Kaur

      Excellent Harun! It’s great to learn from our mistakes. Well done for doing this. How have we applied our skills in year 3? After learning the strategy, what do we do towards the end of a lesson?
      Is it:

      -reasoning (word problems/investigations)
      -practical work

      First one to reply will be rewarded a lego card pack!

  13. Shahzaib A.

    I hope that they are positive.

  14. Abinash N.

    It was fun giving tips and advice to year 2.

  15. Reyan M.

    It was fun

  16. Head Teacher

    Some great advice. Look carefully at the maths question. What is wrong?

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