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Mrs Frankish had to give a talk to a group of teachers telling them how we work as a team at Broad Heath. At the conference we were entertained by some Ukrainian ladies who sang to us! Can anyone find me the names of any songs, that they may have been singing?


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  1. Traditional Ukrainian music is easily recognized by its somewhat melancholy tone. It first became known outside of Ukraine during the 18th century as musicians from Ukraine would perform before the royal courts in Russia and Poland. Ukraine’s music history spans back many years and remains popular today.

  2. Ukrainian rock bands include Braty Hadiukiny, Komu Vnyz, Plach Yeremiyi , Taras Petrynenko, Viy, Vopli Vidoplyasova. Opalnyi Prynz/Opalni Prinz/ was, perhaps, the most influential Rock band in the late 80’s.Okean Elzy, featuring Slava Vakarchuk has long been among the most popular bands of Ukrainian pop-rock, and has had some success abroad. The pop-singer Ruslana also uses some elements of rock in her work. Interesting in rock music is Skryabin.

    The Rock legends of Ukraine is a series of compilations of the best works of known Ukrainian rock groups.

    New wave of rock music in Ukraine is represented by such bands as TOL, Skinhate (Hardcore), Flëur, Ya i Drug Moi Gruzovik, Snuff, Pictures Inside Me, Fakultet (New Metal), S.K.A.Y. (Pop rock), Marakesh (Alternative rock), Holy Blood (Folk metal), Kara, FACTOR 150 (Christian Metalcore), Robots Don’t Cry (Punk rock), Opozitsiya, xDeviantx, E42, The Homebodies, etc.

    • Gosh Sarah, I am learning. More and more each day, this is great information, well researched. Do you think you could find a link and post it so I can listen to part of their records? Well done.

      • First one would be wikipedia just type ukrainne songs on google then it would have a search of ukraine songs wikipedia. Next one is called music of ukraine by ukraine channel.Just on google type facts about ukraine music.The last one is best of ukraine dot com slash music.

      • First one would be wikepedia just search in google ukraine music and a search wil come up as ukraine music wikipedia.Second one is music of ukraine by ukraine channel just type facts about ukraine music in google search.

  3. Kolyadka is a traditional song usually sung in Eastern Slavic countries (Belarus, Russia and Ukraine) only on Orthodox Christmas holidays, between the 7 and 14 of January. It is believed that everything sung about will come true.

  4. Hej Sokoly is a traditional Polish-Ukrainian song that was popular among soldiers during the Polish-Soviet War. The lyrics exist in several versions about a Ukrainian girl to whom her betrothed, either a cossack or an uhlan says goodbye for the last time.

    Although its exact origins are unknown, the song was believed to have been written by the Polish-Ukrainian poet-songwriter Tomasz Padura in the first half of the 19th century. It is representative of what is known as the Ukrainian school of Polish literature. Because of the unclear history of the song, it is sometimes presented as being either, or both, a Polish folk song[1] or Ukrainian folk song.The lyrics vary only slightly between the two languages.

    The tune was popular among Polish soldiers during the Polish-Soviet War, and was also sung by the Polish Home Army guerrillas during World War II. Polish folk singer Maryla Rodowicz also performed a popular cover of the song.

  5. Ukrainian folk music has made a significant influence in the music of neighbouring peoples. Many Ukrainian melodies have become popular in Poland, Slovakia, Austria, Russia, Romania and Moldova. Through the interaction with the Eastern European Jewish community, Ukrainian folk songs such as “Oi ne khody Hrytsiu” composed by songstress Marusia Churai have been introduced into North American culture as “Yes my darling daughter” (sung by Dinah Shore).

  6. Ukrain women sang folk music it includes a number of varieties of ethnic (traditional), folkloric inspired popular and classical traditions.

  7. Maybe the son I reasearched ehich is the rooster is riding th horse or the fish was dancing with the crayfish and also another one called without a pipe that is all I can think of but maybe I can find more

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