Inspire competition!

Hi guys!

I know that a few of you were intending on on entering the competition, however I have had very few response for the theme ‘What I can see’. Leeda, I have your video.

The closing date is in 13 days, so PLEASE complete this, this week. Comment on the blog so that I know that you are intending to enter please. Once again, any questions, please ask!

If you would like to participate you will need to think of how you could represent ‘what I can see’. Some of you might want to create a collage using tissue paper to represent stock-piling!

Some of you may want to draw an empty classroom as you can’t go to school!

The aim of this competition is to artistically show how lockdown is affecting you!

There are many forms of art; singing, drawing, painting,modelling, poetry, drama! The list goes on.. Have a read of the requirements on the link below!

For now I would just like you to send me a photo of your plan and an explanation as to how this links with the title!

Anybody can get involved, but I would really like you to take your time and think carefully! Remember as this is a competition for the whooolee of the West Midlands it is important that you think of a unique concept. I have attached the competition below. Email me once you have drawn up and thought of your plan! Please explain to me how it links to ‘what I can see’.

I am very excited! I might even join the adult competition!

Once we have discussed your entry and you have created it, you will need to fill out a form explaining your work… don’t worry, we will cross that bridge when we get to it!

Miss Vega

Note: We are more than happy to submit the entries for you as a school adult/guardian. However, you MUST make sure your parents and carers read the below documents and inform us whether you want your work shown on their social media and your details processed for GDPR once your work has been submitted. This is important. IF you do not do this, your entry may not be submitted.

If you have any questions, please ask on this blog or contact us via the Yr6 email address.

44 thoughts on “Inspire competition!

  1. I will be sure to take part of this! But I have an idea, and I want to ask, are we allowed to sing AND do more forms of art like drawing etc etc?

  2. I have sent a picture threw the office about this Coronavirus. I wrote about the relationship of this between us. It’s really sad. I hope you guys have seen it.

  3. I am thinking about doing a classroom with only a sad and disappointed teacher in it because no children can go to school and the teacher misses us and wants to see us again.

  4. Hi Guys, it was really good seeing some of you on the video call. We are hoping they will more of you next week. The competition sounds great. Please do try to get engaged.

  5. Hello Miss Vega could you please help me pick out something to do I have no idea what to do. I have tissue paper, paint and even crayons. So please can you give me a few ideas.

  6. Hi Miss Vega and Ms Janjua… I read the post regarding the artwork so does that mean I can draw anything related to what I see like a garden. Or does that mean I draw a gloomy setting. I have started to create a plan but I just wanted to double check with you.

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