21 thoughts on “International Displays

  1. These displays show how much everyone works together as a team and that is what broadheath is abut caring and respectful to each other.Even the teachers have cared about the children and teached us well with a lot of respect.Those displays look so amazing because of everyones effort put together i would call them the marvelous masterpeice.Every one in this school are outstanding citizens and that is what makes broadheath the best.

  2. This vidio shows that Broad Heath has exceptional learners and amazing artists and i remember whem my class,5M we learnt abouT Giuseppe Arcaimbold and we did a picture of one of his most famous pictures called the Libarian and i saw it in the amazing vidio.

  3. Wow!The displays look brilliant.It looks like everyone tryed their best to make them.They look fantatic with everyone hard work.Ihope everyone keeps on trying there best.Well done!

  4. The Broad Heath displays look wonderful!They are so colourful that it makes it outstanding.Everyone has put effort and hard work in these displays.They are so lovely!

  5. WOW ! Broad Heath have done some splendid work as a school all of those displays looked super I loved watching that so I watched it again well done

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