Introduction to British Values

Hi Year 5,

Next week is British Values week and we want you to have a look at this video (from a London sixth form college) and answer the questions below as you begin to think about this.


What is democracy? Where in the country is this practised? How is it practised at Broad Heath?

What does the rule of law mean? How is this practised at Broad Heath? Where else do you see it in your life?

Why is freedom of speech important? Should people always be able to say whatever they want? Explain your reasons for this.

What is tolerance? How do you show tolerance to others?

All the questions need a response from you, so have a good think and be honest with what you think.


  1. Democracy is a system for who will rule us.It is practice at broad Heath when we vote for school council.The rule of law mean when you follow the law.Freedom of speech is important because people could express there feeling.Yes people should be able to say what you want to say because that there opinion.tolerance Means when you listen and not get offended by what other people opinion are. You show tolerance when you listen and show respect for what the other people say to you even if you dis agree.

  2. Democracy-it’s a system of government by a whole population or all the eligible members of a state.its practiced in the country Japan,United states etc.Its practiced in broad Heath by answering the questions from the teacher.

    Rule of law-it’s a law that everyone follows by the government. Its practiced in broad Heath by following the school rules and not break them. I see it in my life when I go to a shop like you shouldn’t steal anything.

    Freedom of speech-its something that you want to say to the community and share your thoughts about something. It’s important because you can make people follow you.they shouldn’t always say what they think because it can end up in a bad position.

    Tolerance-you show tolerance to others by being respectful and not being intolerance which is the opposite of tolerance and not being kind and treating them in a bad way.

  3. Democracy is when people have the freedom to talk and voting and the party’s cannot vote for them selfs.democracy is practised in lots of city’s including Birmingham,London and is practiced in broad Heath by,when children answer the questions when adults ask them it is also practised in broad Heath when we vote for who we want to be school councillor.freedom of speech is important because it shows what we believe and our opinions and if we weren’t to be have freedom of speech there would be lots more fights and commotion because of this people should be able to say what they want because if they weren’t then people would feel covered and closed in.tolerance is when people have the ability to tolerate the options and behaviour that someone shows when either dislicking or licking the personality or appearance of somebody e.x.t but these feeling can show both happy and unkind and hurtfull word or non-hurtfull words to different people if there Alderly,2-4 year olds doesn’t matter what race religion size shape you are are and I believe you shouldn’t make fun out of people if you like them or not

  4. Democracy is the rule of law the freedom of speech and tolerance.
    It is practised in London . Or anywhere if there is election or voting taking place.
    Also in the House of Parliament.
    It is not practised in broad Heath as we are not making any laws or legislations
    Or we might as we have governors and rules .the rule of law is that of a rule that everyone should follow as they are protested against by other people.It is practised in broad Heath as it has school rules that’s if we do not follow we get
    In trouble .

    I think we should have freedom of speech as everyone can express there feelings
    Of how they want to change laws or help society be a better place.

    Tolerance is when everyone is treated equally and is not harmed
    We should show tolerance by treating everyone equally like everyone else .

  5. Democracy is when someone has the right to say what they want to. Democracy is practised in cities like Birmingham, London and Manchester. It is practised at Broad Heath when everyone has the right to answer questions that the teacher asks them. Rule of law means when there is a set of rules which you have to follow. It’s a bit like principles. Rule of law is practised in Broad Heath when everyone has to follow the school rules. You might see rule of law when you are in a court.

    Freedom of speech is important because you let people have the right to say something and listen to what they say. People should always be able to say what they want because who knows that they might be right and you might agree with them. Tolerance is the ability or willingness to tolerate the existence of opinions or behaviour that one dislikes or disagrees with. We can show tolerance to others by trying to emphasize and to ask for an explanation.

  6. Freedom to speak means to say any thing in your is okay to say any thing you want but only if it’s vile or mean because if you do you might be cyber bullying or hurting there feelings and if you do you could be reported.

    Tolerance is to be kind to can show tolerance by being kind.

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