Introduction to Spanish Year 3 – 2021

What languages do you know or speak?

Create a list of all the words you know in different languages.

Add information about countries you have visited and what you saw there or learnt about the country.

What would you like to learn about in your Spanish lessons?


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  1. I can speak Spanish, Urdu and a little bit of English.
    How are you? (English)
    Cómo estás? (Spanish)
    Kesi ho? (Urdu)
    Heart (English)
    Corazón (Spanish)
    Dil (Urdu)
    Flower (English)
    Flor (Spanish)
    Phool (Urdu)
    Sea (English)
    Mar (Spanish)
    Samandar (Urdu)

  2. I can speak English and little bit urdu.اردو
    How are you? (English)
    Ap kaise ho? (Urdu)
    آپ کیسے ہو
    I’m fine (English)
    Main thek hu (urdu)
    Milk (English)
    Dhood (urdu) دودھ
    Water (English)
    Pani (Urdu)
    I went pakistan 🇵🇰 and met my grandparents and all family.
    I want to learn Arabic.

  3. I speak /english and Bangla
    slamico / hello
    I speak just english
    ammafanita / can i have some water please
    and english
    mexico and saw lots of diffrent food and pepole

  4. 1. The languages I know is English and Kurdish And at school I speak English at home I speak Kurdish.
    2. Hi (English)
    Hello (English)
    How are you (English)
    Choni (Kurdish)

  5. 1. English and Somalian and Kurdish and Arabic
    2. A auza billah hay mina shahid wa nirajeem… Arabic Quran.
    Aslam alaikum…hello
    Hudh ra thay… goodbye
    Supaas…. thank you

    3. France, Turkey, Italy, Netherlands, Dutch,

    4. The culuse