Investigating bacteria in 6S!

This week in science, we have set up an investigation into where the most bacteria is found. We have extracted bacteria from five different locations in school (the toilet, sink, fridge, door handle and a hand). We are going to leave the samples of bacteria to grow and re-visit our investigation in science next week!

Where do you think the most bacteria will be found? Why? (Can you link your explanation to scientific knowledge?)


What is the independent variable in the investigation?

What is the dependent variable in the investigation? (Some of you may need to look up these key words)

I am looking forward to hearing your predictions!



20 thoughts on “Investigating bacteria in 6S!

  1. we did the experiment already but I am going to make a prediction. I predict that the door handle will have the most bacteria because everyone touch the door handle. Also some people don’t wash their hands and touch the ground.

  2. Even though we have done the experiment, I’m going to write a prediction.

    I predict the fridge shelf would have the most bacteria because its an everyday use and it wouldn’t get cleaned regularly.

  3. I predicted that the door handle would have the most because every one touches it every day and everybodys hand has good and bacteria so some of the bateia goes onto the handle

  4. i predicted that the toilet will have the most bacteria because it is dirty(very bacterial).There is always urine around the toilet seats and some people don’t wash their hands after they go toilet.
    It can spread bacteria and cause harmful illness and sometimes diseases.

  5. I predict that the door handle would have more bacteria because some people dont wash there hands and they touch the door handle. Also people sneeze and when they ask if they could get a tissue (which is a good thing) they touch the door handle

  6. I predict that most bacteria will be found on the door handle because lots of people touch’es the door handle,because of this children have more bacteria on their hands.

  7. I predict that someone’s hand will be the surface where the most bacteria will be found. I think this because hands touch lots of different things which have lots of bacteria on them so bacteria will be stored up on the hand. Even if you keep your hands clean, bacteria will still be there because bacteria is everywhere. Hands are used for many things such as cleaning, picking things up, handling food with and many more so bacteria can travel from all these things to hands.

    Independent variable means the thing you cannot control. In this investigation the independent variable will be the amount of bacteria grown. This is because we cannot control how the bacteria will grow; it is done naturally.

    Dependent variable means something we can control. In this case it will be where the bacteria is collected from because we chose ourselves where to get it from.

    Aishah Hussain

  8. I predict that the area with the most bacteria growing on it will be the door handle. I predict this because many people touch a door handle and they have different kinds of bacteria on their hands. They can get germ from the toilet,coughing,sneezing, and also from public places such as handrails and benches.

    The independent variable will be how much the bacteria grows. The dependant variable is where we get the bacteria from

  9. question

    the independent varibles are the disinfectants. obusivouly the dependent varibles will be the bacteria culteres.

    intresting facts about bacteria

    drying your hands with paper towel will reduce the bacterial count by 45-60 percent on your hands. however, using a hand dryer will increase the bacteria on your hands by up to 255 percent because it blows ot bacteria already. living in the, conveniently, warm moist evoriment.

    in 2012, scientists found 1,458 new species of bacteria living just in the bellybutton of human beigns. everyones bellybutton of ecology is unique like finerprint, and one volutneres belly button harboed bacteria that had previously been found only in soil from japan, where he had never been.

  10. I think the most bacteria will be in the toilet accuse its more filthy place.

    Variable is anything that can be changed
    during the independent experiment you will observe and see what happens next

  11. I predict that the door handle will be the area where the most bacteria will be found. This is because many people collect germs from the toilet, sneezing, mud and many more ,the people transfer their germs to the handle and around 40 people a day have to open the door using the the handle. I also think that the door handle has even more bacteria than the toilet!

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