13 thoughts on “Investigating micro-organisms in 6 Red

  1. We found out that over 1 million microbes are used during 1 school day we also found out that not all of them are harmful they help us digest all of our food so we don’t harm ourselves or cause danger👍🏼🥪🍗

  2. I found out that not all micro-organisms are bad and some are actually good, for example yeast. Another good microbes is algae because it helps sea creatures survive in the sea because it gives oxygen to the water.

  3. I found out that not all micro-organisms are harmful because if you didn’t have some bacteria in your system all live on earth wouldn’t exist because some
    bacteria help you to breathe.

  4. Also my group find out that Bacteria are monerans, the simplest single-celled organisms. They are the smallest of all cells, visible only through powerful microscopes. Bacteria are also the most abundant forms of life. They live in the air, on land, in water, and even inside the bodies of animals and plants.

  5. Not all micro-organisms are bad some protect our body such as lactobacillus that let’s us digest ou food 🥘 so we don’t choke on ourselves.

  6. We found out that not all bacteria are harmful because there are some good bacterial in your body and the bacteria is sometimes bad and they can kill you which is bad

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