Is there ‘Room on the Broom’ for RW?

RW have had so much fun this week! ‘Room on the Broom’ was our book of the week!

What is the name of the Author and Illustator? Did you enjoy this book? If so, what was your favourite part?

This week was full of magic and wonder…have a look and see for yourself. Remember, you will earn a peg if you comment!

Can you describe the dragon using an adjective? (An adjective is a describing word).

For example: The dragon is red. (Make your sentence more exciting!)

What a busy week you ALL have had! Thank you for making it so good!

5 thoughts on “Is there ‘Room on the Broom’ for RW?

  1. The Author of Room on the Broom is Julia and the person who draws the pictures is Axel. Ilyas said he enjoyed the story because the witch is kind to all the animals.

    Ilyas says “the dragon is bright orange and looks like the Gruffalo! He has big teeth and sharp claws”.

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